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Integrate Re-flow with your existing software

Integrating your software applications can give better performance across your business compared to using lots of separate systems in isolation. While Re-flow replaces a number of smaller systems you may be using, we appreciate that some of our clients have existing systems they need to continue using alongside Re-flow.

Bringing your data in or taking it out

Re‐flow has a standard JSON REST API, so you can push data to it and pull data from it into other software such as ERP, CRM and accountancy software. We can provide documentation of our API, and advice for integration. With our API, a whole host of third party systems can push data to it or get data from it. We can configure Re‐flow to accept and include data fields you require for data transfer and Re‐flow also includes a CSV importer that can map columns to fields. We can work alongside third parties to support integration, but this service incurs additional fees. If you need to export your data, it can also be extracted in a CSV file.

Re flow Integrations Diagram
Third party integrations

Many companies are at the mercy of a frankensystem that they have created over the years by bolting on different systems that specialise in a single process. At the core, Re-flow is a field workflow management system, but we are continually expanding the features list to eliminate the need for any secondary software. If, however, you have another piece of software that you use and need to connect with Re-flow, there are options available to facilitate that.

For major accountancy packages, we make Re-flow integrations easy with our Sage Business Cloud Accounting, Quickbooks and Xero connectors. You can also connect Re-flow with additional tools in your tech stack using our API. We've provided this function to make it easier for your business systems managers to oversee the integration of any of your essential systems with Re-flow. We do not carry out API development to your systems but work with and can recommend third party organisations who can help with this process if required.

This means you can quickly connect Re-flow to other cloud applications to flow data seamlessly across your tech-stack without data errors or time lags.