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Need to change plans in realtime?

Need to change plans in realtime?

Site life requires adaptability, so when Plan A rapidly becomes Plan B or C, it's time to get Re-flow

In the field working sectors, there’s always a change of plans afoot, because there are so many moving parts involved in every job. A staff absence, a change in weather, availability of materials- they can all require some quick thinking and a change of plans so everything doesn’t come to a grinding halt. From Site and Operations Managers to Project Planners and Office Managers, our sector is underpinned by key roles that can rapidly reschedule activities and co-ordinate changes to keep work on track and productive.

But what happens if your communications let you down?

To be successful, updates needs to be communicated in real-time, reach everyone involved in the job and ensure some version control on the latest plans and procedures so everyone is operating with the same, most recent information.

Our research conducted by YouGov this year has shown that 8% of workers in the UK consider the inability to change plans easily once they’ve been agreed a source of stress.

For those in field working situations, this is a completely unnecessary stress when there are now such a range of technology solutions available.

See what other issues Re-flow helps with when you switch to a digital solution.

Using Re-flow, managing changes in real-time is fast, precise and comprehensive

Four easy ways to make changes and communicate them instantly with Re-flow:

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