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Re-flow at the Finishes and Interiors Sector conference

Re-flow at the Finishes and Interiors Sector conference

The Fit-Out sector is taking decisive action in addressing accountability and Re-flow is proud to be part of the process

Documentation and evidence are high on the agenda as the impending regulatory shake-up in the post-Grenfell construction industry is poised to impact UK fittings and interiors companies. Dame Judith Hackitt’s final report on building regulations and fire safety has highlighted a priority action for accountability to be shown in safe and compliant installations. Where others are looking to avoid culpability, fittings and installation companies need indisputable evidence that they carry out work in line with current controls and regulations to protect themselves from being considered at fault in the event of another tragedy.

Thankfully, the FIS is already taking a frontrunning industry role in devising the Product, Process, People initiative and making it a major topic for the 2018 FIS Conference. Discussing the core issues openly empowers the fit-out sector to overcome problems such as evidencing the safety and quality of work and remaining confident in it, post installation.

A new era of accountability

With companies embracing new compliance technologies, including time and location stamped electronic records that identify the competencies and qualifications of the installer who carries out the work, we will see a new era of project management and accountability. This advancement coupled with the safeguards of being able to log and locate what work is carried out over long or complicated jobs through photographic evidence and materials scanning, ensures a continuity in reporting that is robust enough to meet even the most stringent audits. Through adopting these measures, the sector is taking decisive action to get in front of the regulations.

The Re-flow session at the FIS conference, presented by Managing Director Michael Saunders focussed on how Re-flow field management software is helping the fit-out sector take control of its asset management, process controls and compliance.

Re-flow for re-fits

Developed here in the UK, Re-flow has been created to support the management of staff, stock and equipment in the field and for the fit-out sector, this encompasses jobs from the most ornate residential interiors to large scale commercial refits.

In line with the harsher regulatory environment, the requirement for forms covering health and safety, inspections and logs is set to increase. We saw this trend emerging and began building a solution that removes barriers and bureaucracy, while giving you confidence in compliance. Alongside the workflow management functionality, we created a digital alternative to forms that only pulls out the directly relevant information you need to read, so staff on site can be quickly up to speed with the procedural requirements of the job.

The app then allows staff to tick to complete tasks, make notes, digitally sign paperwork and upload and annotate project photos which all come back to the dashboard time and location stamped so that you can instantly see what’s been done and have an indisputable audit trail.

For more information about the work of the FIS, visit their website. www.thefis.org

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