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What do you do when good forms go bad?

What do you do when good forms go bad?

Delayed information distribution

Old school print and distribution means you’re always waiting to cascade job information by hand. Get the message distributed immediately by pushing out to the field in an app that notifies workers of an update and syncs to the latest version.

Paper forms are expensive

Printing on paper, then filling and filing and finding again later, costs money in production and admin. With digital forms it’s instant, seamless and paper free… so in the future the printer will just be reserved for the office party.

Slow data access

Waiting for outstanding paperwork massively slows down your access to vital information. Re-flow’s digital data is available in real-time and accessible to multiple parties simultaneously.

High operational costs

Physically handling paperwork is a vast drain on site managers’ and administrators’ time. Eliminating the requirement for distributing, chasing up, transcribing and filing paper information saves around 21% of admin workers’ time.

Complexity results in user exclusion

People avoid following processes if they’re considered too complex or time consuming. Re-flow works on an app, so in the field, every worker has the ability to gather and submit information. We’ve specially designed our system to increase engagement through simplicity.

See how Re-flow's forms can banish the Gremlins!

Risk from the loss of paper records

Lost in the back of a van? A lot of forms end their days this way, with 7.5% of all forms going missing. Digital records are with you forever if you’re backing them up, so no need to worry about fire, theft and damage.

Stagnant processes

Different forms for every activity? All stored in separate silos? Our digital forms are custom configured for you every time they’re added to your system, so they will do all sorts of cool stuff that’s specific to your business.

Poor data visibility

Information locked in paper forms remains useless to the wider team until it’s been transcribed onto a shared digital system. Digital form submission is instant and automatically populates your reports with easily searchable data.

Confusing handwriting or missing information

With paper forms, people miss out mandatory sections, fill them in using a scrawl or use inconsistent terms that need decrypting. With a digital alternative you can significantly reduce human errors using drop down selections, multiple choice responses or even icons

Sketchy decision-making with slow-mo analytics

Patchy Business information means you can’t make informed decisions when you need to. Re-flow’s forms speak to each other, so as users submit information in forms, it is pumped into your custom reports.

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