Posted on 2020-04-01
01 Apr

Return to work refocused and ready

Companies still operating during this time or planning a phased return to work are ensuring they deliver the duty of care to their employees by reviewing and redesigning work.

At Re-flow, we’re working to help UK companies manage their remote workforce and control job management from a central dashboard.

During this period of uncertainty, we know companies are cautious about business investments, so we hope companies use this as an opportunity to implement a new business system to maximise productivity during the downtime. Get started on configuring your Re-flow system now and be ready when business picks up again.

Watch an overview of how Re-flow's digital workforce management solution can provide and protect a company's entire workflow processes end-to-end.

Implementing a digital workflow solution enables a company to:

  • Create jobs and include copies of all project information, task lists and plant/equipment required. This is sent digitally, so no requirement for physical documents to be printed and distributed, eliminating the need for someone to be in the office. How does this work?
  • Assign these jobs to staff, schedule them on a calendar and even add map locations. If someone is unavailable for work or the job needs to be split to maintain social distancing, you can drag and drop jobs to someone else instantly. Find out more.
  • Any kind of form you need can be included, so risk assessments, time sheets, site inductions, visitor records, permits, toolbox talk logs, waste management forms, stock records, SHEQ forms, HAV forms or even chemical use logs can be completed by an operative and submitted back to the office, through a device from site without anyone having to swing by the office. More about forms
  • To avoid any confusion, photos can be taken, annotated and submitted, so nothing gets lost in translation. Perfect if you're operating as lone workers or people can’t be at the same place at the same time. How does this work?
  • If you can't be present to oversee work, be sure the right person completed the work at the right place and time by using digital time, date and GPS stamps to tag all the information, completed with a digital signature to sign it off. How does this work?
  • With everything then submitted, quotes and invoices can be issued by the system, along with management reports and anything required for a full audit trail is instantly available in the project, so you can speed up your time to invoice at a time when cash flow is paramount. See how returns and reports work

Re-flow enables companies to operate remotely without the need for a single physical interaction. When we start to recover, be sure that you don't miss out on any jobs because of the new working requirements.


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