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Software | 24 Mar 2020

Making the most of any ‘unplanned downtime’

Making the most of any ‘unplanned downtime’

There’s no bright side to the current situation in the UK, but as Brits, we’re pretty good getting on with it. So, if works are being delayed but you still have your team on the payroll, you need to make this time productive. Now is the perfect opportunity to implement a new business system that you’ve wanted for a while, but there’s always too much else going on to get the required focus and momentum.

One of the biggest roadblocks we find at Re-flow with our potential clients is that they are super keen to get our software running in their business, but they have a perception that its going to be disruptive and a change will be really unwelcome with the mobile workers.

Well fear not, Re-flow supports low impact rollouts!

One of the great things about Re-flow is that we can do all the setup, implementation, roll out, training and support from our HQ in Exeter.

The vast majority of the set up is done using a few selected champions from your business, so most of the roll out is done involving minimal people to get it going. We then do a soft roll out to a group of users to tweak and fine tune any of the dynamic process we have running for you and then once the user acceptance meets your requirements, we move on to the full rollout phase, where everyone is onboarded.

Listen to how Highway Traffic Management, a large company in the West Midlands got on with the rollout process.

So here are 4 main reasons why you would want to use this downtime to get a new system online

take the unplanned downtime to improve user adoption of Re-flow

1. The power lies in the hands of the users, so if they’re not onboard, the roll out process of any business system can feel laborious. Re-flow has been designed to feel like major desktop office applications for the dashboard and like major social media software on our smartphone app, meaning it’s a familiar feel for all kinds of users and that massively helps with adoption. You also have more time to explain the key factor ‘what’s in it for me’ to them.

Take this time to achieve your optimal workflow set up

2. Our onboarding team are here to help, so the more time you have dedicated to get any questions answered about your setup, the faster you can get going with using our software the way you want to. We offer full support and guidance on the system set up and all your digital forms and processes. We provide customised training videos recorded just for you for any specific tasks or challenges your team face.

use the unplanned downtime to get your data uploaded

3. You can start with Re-flow from scratch, or if you have existing data you want included in the system, using unplanned downtime is a great way to get your house in order, the way you like it. It takes a great deal of patience to sift through reams of old paperwork, but it looks like we may have a bit more time available for a little while.

Use the downtime to analyse the reports you can generate in Re-flow

4. With any new system, you’ll want to establish the measures of success for the implementation. If work is less frequent than normal, you can run them through to system and see what reporting you want or if there’s any additional information you want to collect that could be added into the forms.

When this downtime is over, our sector is poised to grow. Make sure you’re up to speed to capitalise on this as soon as the opportunities become available. We’re all in this together, and we believe we can help you survive and thrive during and after this time of difficulty.

Re-flow enables companies to operate remotely without the need for a single physical interaction. To learn more, call now or book a live demo with our software specialists.


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