Re-flow's Powerful Form Builder

Power in simplicity.

Re-flow's easy to use form builder gives you the freedom to build the forms you need, exactly the way you need them. No roadblocks, no fuss.

Digital forms, your way.

With our builder you can create a form when you want and how you want. Our forms can be created within minutes, and built to regulatory standards. But that wasn't enough, so we went further and enabled Dashboard users the ability to trigger immediate workflows from a submission - including notifications, updating records within the database, form transfer and more...

Speed & Reliability

Don't settle for anything less than native. A native app means more stability and offline data capture, but also secure data that never gets lost. Our forms work both from the app, and dashboard. Have the freedom to create or edit forms direct from the Dashboard, whether it be to add more data...

Health & Safety

One of our missions at Re-flow is to give managers the tools to improve health and safety and audit trails. With our form builder, you can make forms as simple, or as complex as you need, safe in the knowledge that the data for each field completed is logged. Need data? Just create the field you require.

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