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The Six Benefits of Re-flow

Maximise productivity and profits by bringing your workflows, schedules, and processes into one software solution.

Need help deciding if Re-flow is right for your business. Check out the six core benefits of the Re-flow software.

  1. Save time and money
  2. Flexible workflows
  3. Instant information
  4. Real-time communication
  5. Health and safety management
  6. Confidence in compliance
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1. Save time and money.

  • Stop wasting time on-site and in the office.

Did you know roughly 10% of all working time is spent waiting for instructions. That why it’s important to speed up communications between your on-site and off-site workers. Our customers reported seeing their waiting around times halve by using our software.

  • Ensure staff follow processes properly.

From risk assessment to vehicle checks, you can build in mandatory tasks that your teams must complete before moving forward on a job. Even better, you can check their checks and even reject it making them complete it again. Now even when your teams are off-site you can ensure they are following process.

  • Be confident everyone is working with the latest information.

With paper forms and documents, your off-site teams are only as up to date as the last time they visited the office. But with Re-flow, whenever you make an update to one of our digital forms; it updates for everyone. So, you can be confident that your teams are always working with the most up to date and accurate information.

See just what you can save with our cost calculator.

2. Flexible workflows.

  • Make instant changes and manage issues as they happen.

Plans change and problems happen. No one can stop that. But with Re-flow you can manage, amend, and update plans to meet those challenges. And all your changes will automatically update for your workers on location.

  • Drag, drop, and assign all activities in the scheduler.

Our scheduler allows you full flexibility and control in assigning, amending, and reallocating tasks. As well as managing workflows in a clear and easy to understand dashboard. Want to move a job from Monday to Wednesday? Easy, just click and drag.

  • Create forms that capture exactly the data you need.

That flexibility allows you to fine-tune your forms without any technical experience. Our easy customisation allows you to tailor forms to only collect the data you need.

3. Instant information.

  • Send out job information and it's with the user as soon as they sync their phone.

You can send a new job with all the documents and information, and your team will have access immediately upon opening the app. And any updates or changes made to the job will be available to everyone involved.

  • Integrate forms, that capture any data you need, into the app.

The data collected through your forms, including photos, and calculations, can be seamlessly integrated into your reports. Save time lost transcribing data and let Re-flow do the work for you.

  • Add any information, from instruction manuals to handbooks, for all users.

Instruction manuals and handbooks for jobs aren’t much use if filed away in the office. Re-flow allows you to add all the information and guides your team might need to complete their jobs so people on the ground have access to a full knowledge base to complete jobs safely.

4. Real-time communication.

  • If you have a change of activity, instantly push out the latest information to users.

Need to make a last-minute change to activities to adjust to staff absence, equipment malfunction, or material availabilities? Using Re-flow, you can keep your teams informed and make the changes need to keep the projects moving.

  • Update schedules in the calendar and users can live-sync the changes as they happen.

If plans change and schedules update, you needn’t worry about chasing up your teams. Simply make the updates on the dashboard and users will see the changes live as they happen.

  • Users submit digital forms, and the data is immediately available in the dashboard.

Gone are the days of having to wait for forms to be returned to the office before the data can be processed. Re-flow’s digital forms mean that as soon as your on-location users submit the form, you have it.

Real-time communication is key to breaking down information silos.

5. Health & Safety management.

  • Create task-specific forms such as site audits, RAMS, and vehicle checks, in minutes.

You can quickly create forms for specific purposes like site audits Risk Assessment Management Statements (RAMS)

  • Use the app to record incidents or issues, with full records and audit trails.

If your team gets has an accident, near miss or discover a defect; it's important that they get all the important information recorded and reported quickly and accurately. Create a mandatory process on your forms to guide them through.

  • Control NEBOSH, IOSH & ISO 9001 standards, while continually improving processes.

Health and Safety standards are regularly updated to improve standards, and it's important your on-location teams have the newest versions of these standards on hand.

Own your health and safety with Re-flow.

6. Confidence in compliance.

  • Create mandatory processes and make near hits/defect reporting quick and easy.

There’s always the temptation to cut corners, people get tired and may miss a step. But with Re-flow, you can create mandatory processes to guide your teams through jobs and ensure they complete checks and assessments.

  • Automatically stamp completed forms with a time, date and even a GPS location marker

Re-flow’s forms can be tagged with time, date and even a GPS location. Now you can be sure you know exactly where your teams were when they completed their tasks and checks and when.

  • Users electronically sign specific forms, and their signatures are stored with the data.

Is the job completed and ready to be signed off? Users can sign certain digital forms and those signatures are stored as data providing evidence for future reference.