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Re-flow presents at CECA Seminar

Re-flow presents at CECA Seminar

Re-flow was speaking at the CECA event on the subject of ‘Franken-systems’.

What’s a Franken-system?

It represents what a lot of companies have created in their business systems. If any of the following sounds familiar, you’ve created a monster!

•Disconnected and dysfunctional fragments of spreadsheets and programs.

•Multiple data sources, insufficient systems and unclear outcomes.

•Paper-driven systems and processes that lack visibility into your data.

•Difficulty in sharing information efficiently for both office and site based staff.

•Lacking automation and proper functionality, team members spending numerous hours per week manually updating jobs from one software into something else.

•Issues due to a lack of control over the processes for form filling.

•Solutions lacking functionality to meet the business reporting needs, so importing and exporting data to make reports is common.

There is a better way of working- speak to Re-flow for help in ending this nightmare.

The view from the event- Chris Ball from the Re-flow team giving a presentation.

The Civil Engineering Contractors Association (South West) regional members are all involved in the delivering and maintaining our local infrastructure. The membership is made up of companies ranging from major contractors, SME’s and some newer companies to the industry.

The CECA acts as a professional body to support the collective aims of the civil engineering community, from procurement to lobbying.

The Chair of CECA (South West) is Dave Ellis of Bridge Civil Engineering, who are a longstanding client of Re-flow’s. If you want to see how we work together, watch this video.

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