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Support available for highways and construction

Support available for highways and construction

Last week the UK Government unveiled £20m of grant funding for small and medium sized businesses in England to access between £1,000 - £5,000 for new equipment and technology and specialist advice to help them get through the coronavirus pandemic.

The funding is coming from a pot of money from the EU and the support will be fully funded, meaning there is no obligation for businesses to contribute financially themselves.

Great news for any companies working in the Highways and Construction industry, as this funding can help implement a digital workflow solution that enables a company to:

Mike Saunders, MD of Re-flow said;

This grant has a dual benefit to the UK small businesses in highways and construction, as there has never been a greater need for businesses to make their operations digital. Primarily, this investment will enable companies to reap the long-term efficiencies of replacing manual processes and paperwork with instant information and communication workflow tools on everyone’s smartphone.
In the immediate term, it also helps companies remain operational with the ongoing pandemic by enabling them to invest in solutions for lone/remote working and social distancing that reduce the need for unnecessary interactions.

The grants can be accessed via a Local Growth Hub. Find yours here and register your interest to begin the application process. https://www.lepnetwork.net/local-growth-hub-contacts/

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