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Re-flow’s rail debut at Railtex / Infrarail

Re-flow’s rail debut at Railtex / Infrarail

The Re-flow team made their rail industry debut last week at the historical London Olympia, showcasing our award-winning field management software for rail at Railtex / Infrarail.

Railtex marks Re-flow’s first official foray into the rail industry, a sector we’ve been gearing up to expand into over the past several months. Much like highways, construction and other industries we serve, rail faces many of the same problems. Businesses struggling to remain efficient and profitable amidst increasing supply chain and wage inflation, lack of reliable systems to protect lone workers and siloed systems causing bottlenecks between operational processes.

With the rapid growth we’ve experienced over the past year, it became clear that we were in the ideal position to bring the same benefits we’ve been providing our clients in construction, highways, civil engineering and landscaping to the rail sector. Thanks to our industry contacts, including Eli Rees-King, Head of RBDCommunity, we’ve been able to do that, and we couldn’t be happier with the response we’ve received.

Eli Rees King Quote Image

As the media partner to Railtex we saw lots of business here that are members of the RBD community, which has been fantastic. We’ve had lots of great conversations, for example with Re-flow, it’s been fantastic. They were part of the Eagle Lab, which was opposite our stand here at Rail Business Daily, so we’ve been able to get to know the guys there, their fantastic product, the ethos of their business, what they’re looking to achieve in the rail sector and because we’re so well connected within the industry, we’ve been able to help them meet new connections they might not otherwise meet.

Eli Rees-King

Aside from making new contacts, we also reconnected with some established ones. We had the great opportunity to touch base with one of our oldest connections within the infrastructure industry, Andrew Dowding – Founding Director at Interchange. We first met Andrew during Re-flow’s early years at his show, Highways UK, trying to establish ourselves in the highways industry. It’s an absolute privilege to look back now, with over 80 clients in the sector including heavyweights such as Highway Traffic Management and Premier Traffic Management, and how they’re benefiting from our field management software. It’s become clear how instrumental connections, events and face-to-face contact are to bringing digital transformation to more business in more sectors than ever before.

Andrew Dowding Quote Image

Really good to bump into Re-flow here at Railtex, bringing their fantastic field service management software to the rail industry. I first met these guys in the highways sector, running a show called Highways UK, where they were a fledgling business with huge ambition and great talent. Since then, they’ve gone stratospheric. Translating all that ambition and talent into a really successful, multi-modal asset management business. It’s really good to see, and I’m really proud of their team. I think we have an opportunity to carry on working together in the future through our integrated transport development.

Andrew Dowding
Founding Director

We also had the privilege of running into one of our long-term clients, Mike Andrews, Director at DWG Infraco Ltd. As a specialist ground engineering company, their team have been utilising Re-flow in highways and civil engineering, also being of our first clients to trial the system in a rail setting. Re-flow’s development is driven by the feedback from our users, so working with Mike and learning from his professional industry insights has been an invaluable asset, which has allowed us to build an increasingly robust piece of field management software for rail.

Mike Andrews Quote Image

We got introduced into Re-flow about 18 months ago by another company that we were doing some sub-contract work with. We were all paper and manual, and it was a complete culture change for everybody. Now we’ve got Ansel, who’s our super user, and we live and breathe by it. It does all our RAMS for all our projects, we do all our reporting, all our site documentation, toolbox talks, daily recording of site activities. It’s made a phenomenal difference to what we do when it comes to ISO audits or record keeping, because everything’s at our fingertips. We don’t have to go scratching around in piles for bits of paper, so it’s making our life a lot easier. It’s been a great change.

Mike Andrews
DWG Infraco

The contacts we’ve connected with and feedback we’ve received has made our team all the more excited for what the rail industry holds in the future. The good news is, we won’t have to wait long. In just over a month, on the 22nd – 23rd June, we’ll be attending Rail Live 2022 at the Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre – the UK’s largest outdoor rail exhibition. So, get your tickets and experience first-hand how you can use our field management software to save time, gain focus, master HSE and increase profitability across your business.

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