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Company | 19 Oct 2023

Five Years on – Re-flow Reflects on its Continued Growth

Five Years on – Re-flow Reflects on its Continued Growth

The Re-flow community has grown year on year. Now celebrating five years of trading, Re-flow wanted to mark the occasion by talking to long standing enterprise client, M.V. Kelly, about why they chose this software, how it has developed over time and the evolution of their use of Re-flow.

M.V. Kelly first approached Re-flow with the hope of improving data flow and the efficiency of their site and operative records. Information between sites and offices was completed on paper and relayed physically. This was causing bottlenecks and leaving data vulnerable to human error, weather damage and loss. Once back at the office, information was manually transcribed, diverting valuable time into completing repetitive administrative tasks.

This was also true for SHE inspections and audits leading to non-conformance and delays in defects being reported. These issues would be communicated across multiple platforms - including texts, phone calls and e-mails - to individual SHE advisors. This meant compiling audit trials became difficult.

M.V. Kelly also found processes were being delayed due to not having a reliable solution for data transfer. With over 2,000 operatives, keeping contact information up to date was a struggle, communicating through e-mails was unreliable due to busy work sites and forms being physically transported or sent as photographs, meant quality could greatly vary. Breakdowns in communication also meant that there was a risk of work not proceeding as smoothly as it could, and office staff weren’t always working with the latest information - meaning small issues could develop into serious problems.

Re-flow proved a comprehensive and powerful system that consolidated all their processes, workflows, and records in one place while enabling the collection of quality, live data and streamlining cross-team communication.

Using a cloud-based centralised system meant M.V. Kelly could do away with both the paper and fragmented legacy systems an all data could be stored and processed on a daily basis, reliably.

Staff can now view all relevant information including qualifications, training records, forms, job history, location and much more with the peace of mind that they have the exact data they’re looking for - all while keeping personal data secure through customisable permissions.

SHE inspections and audits can all be completed through the Re-flow app, where they’re instantly fed back to the office. Necessary information is then passed on directly to relevant parties such as foremen and site supervisors, making sure everyone stays current on incidents and non-conformities as they happen.


Re-flow's has streamlined communication within our teams. Real-time updates and information have made all processes within safety easier to manage and have given us greater ability to plan and prepare for the future. Re-flow has not only reduced manual tasks but has also enhanced accuracy and consistency across our workflows. Tasks that were once time-consuming are now easily completed and can be done out in the field (not paperwork in a site office).

Richard Lennon Quote Image
Richard Lennon
Head of IT
M.V Kelly

He continued, "The form builder in Re-flow has allowed us to create customised forms tailored to our specific needs, appeasing individual regions when trialling new initiatives. Scheduling of toolbox talks, and the subsequent task completion and clear visibility of these tasks has been important in ensuring that H&S communications are successfully delivered to the workforce.

The big advantage we've experienced is the reduction in paperwork and instant access to data. Our clients appreciate our ability to provide evidence of completed legal mandatory paperwork via tablets and phones (anywhere on site).

This has not only improved client satisfaction but has also reduced the administrative burden on our SHE Admin team.

We are committed to being leaders in safety within our industry, and Re-flow is contributing to making this vision a reality.”


Re-flow has enabled M.V. Kelly to have greater visibility to on-site safety and quality information. We want to continue to be the leaders of safety in our industry, and Re-flow is making this possible.

Sarah Duffy
Sarah Duffy
Head of Health & Safety
M.V. Kelly

After implementing Re-flow, M.V. Kelly took the efficiency of their operational processes to the next level. Tasks such as completing and sending information became instant. The business has seen hundreds of hours saved across all areas and roles – operatives, foremen, site supervisors, SHE inspectors and back-office staff – giving them more time to focus on the work that matters.

SHE inspections are carried out more efficiently through the Re-flow app, with foremen and site supervisors being instantly notified of non-conformance and defects, meaning risks can be addressed in a timely manner, fostering a safer working environment. 

Mike Saunders, CEO and Founder, said: “As one of Re-flow’s first enterprise clients, M. V. Kelly has been with us since the beginning. Their loyalty and continued trust in our business and the software is what keeps our doors open - we wouldn’t be anywhere without our clients.

Over the last five years, Re-flow have developed a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. Working with M.V. Kelly, for the length of time we have, means you develop a kind of shorthand. We know their business and they know ours, so we can work together to come up with solutions to issues that may arise as they grow and change.

Re-flow is all about scalability, working with businesses and moulding the software to meet their needs - adaptable with scope to create bespoke elements. We are fortunate to have kept growing, month on month, year on year and things just keep getting better.”

Growing from a team of 3 to over 30 employees, Re-flow have recently moved to a bigger office to accommodate the growth of the team. Also, with the launch of 1.6 and more features on the way, Re-flow is always on the grow.

With over 250 companies implementing Re-flow, what started as an app idea between friends has grown into a tool used all over the country to help streamline workflows.

To learn more about Re-flow, come and speak to our software specialists at one of our upcoming shows:

FutureScape - 21st - 22nd November - London ExCel

RoadExpo - 28th - 29th November - SEC Glasgow

Can’t make it – start your digital transformation by booking a demo or call us on 01392 574001 today.


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