Software | 1 Feb 2022

Introducing our powerful new Form Builder

Introducing our powerful new Form Builder

We are excited to debut the newest addition to our award-winning field management software. We're putting even more power into your hands. Allow us to introduce the form builder, now available for all clients with no additional cost.

Re-flow’s ethos revolves around reducing paper and increasing auditability to make improvements to health and safety in businesses across the construction, civil engineering, traffic management, highways, landscaping, and rail sectors. We've long advocated for shifting away from traditional paper systems in favour of a single, comprehensive digital solution that would pave the way for a far more sustainable, future-proof industry. That solution is Re-flow.

Our commitment to this aim is particularly on display with the form builder. Understanding how crucial forms are to the industries we serve, we also understood their shortcomings - with a mass of forms comes a mass of paper, printing, storage, and transport – all entailing their own respective costs and problems. For years, a vast catalogue of digital forms has been a staple of our software. Despite this, we knew that the needs of our clients would soon outgrow this catalogue; users would need the ability to implement bespoke forms that fit their business, a service which, until now, we have only offered through the Re-flow support team for an additional cost.

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From the outset our goal was to create a form builder that was both powerful for experienced users, yet simple for newcomers. The challenge in terms of design, is these goals can often be mutually exclusive.

George Meredith
Technical Manager

Part of the wider Re-flow vision has always been to give you the power to build your own forms, with no limits on simplicity or complexity; the power to create forms that fit your business needs. Collect the data you need, the way you need it.

Our intuitive block-based system means you can start building simple forms within seconds. Don’t mistake simplicity for a limitation, however. The power of our form builder comes from its simplicity. Mix and match a wide variety of fields and functions to build general forms suited to everyday work, or expansive ones for the most specific of tasks. Submitting a form can trigger email notifications or change statuses within the system's records. Actions enable you to carve your own automated process, to the point where it can even create work events or new jobs.

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Clients have access to formulas to enable their forms to become dynamic. It means you'll be able to do things like hiding and showing fields, based on how the form is filled out, but also more complex maths calculations and filtering of data.

Leandro Wade
Technical Director & Co-founder

Complete customisability doesn’t just extend to the forms themselves – you have complete control over how captured data is displayed when exported, with the ability to share and display data to your team and clients - your way.

Leading up to the public release of our form builder, the feature underwent extensive trials with a select few of Re-flow’s existing clients to ensure it met the high standards of quality we constantly strive for. Now, it’s finally available to all current and future Re-flow users for no additional cost. The power is in your hands.

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The form builder is very simple to use, we managed to build several forms with the new interface, which is very intuitive and straightforward. The ability to build forms quickly at no additional cost means we can react to additional changes in our processes, where we might need to record specific data, and have control on that type of data we want to capture and audit.

Andy Kearns
Projects Lead
Opals Group

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