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Using Re-flow for Hazard Management in Construction

Using Re-flow for Hazard Management in Construction

Working on a construction site comes with all kinds of hazards. Helpfully, Re-flow comes with many features that help manage some of these. Check out the top 7 here:

1. Materials handling- lifting, holding and carrying causes many injuries in the workplace. Re-flow comes with image instructions, which means you can give operatives photos or illustrations of how they should be safely handling equipment to avoid confusion.

2. Risk assessments, site audits and toolbox talks to advise staff on working safely with noise can go some way to mitigating the 1505 work-related deafness claims in UK construction last year.

3. Tragically, unintended collapse was the cause of 10 deaths in 2016- 2017. Using Re-flow to inspect and assess structural integrity, can help flag safety concerns before they become dangerous.

4. Tiredness and concentration- Having everything available on an app that guides you through processes ensures things are done properly to help retain focus and ensure SHEQ requirements are clear.

5. When completing a Re-flow task list, administrators can enforce checks before staff are able to move on to the next item in the task list. With ‘Working from height’ issues such as- unsecured ladders and loose tools- making up nearly 50% of total fatal injuries in 2016-2017, enforcing checks can make a significant difference.

6. POW risk assessments are perfect for managing hazards like Hand and vibration syndrome, which occurs when workers continuously use handheld tools. Re-flow’s POW risk assessments can be done immediately before carrying out an activity to get a real-time assessment of how long it is safe to work with handheld tools.

7. If anything does happen, there will likely be an investigation into the incident. With Re-flow, you can take and annotate photos of work areas to refer back to see if things were installed and left in an acceptable state to minimise the chance of an accident.

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