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Why is Re-flow Highways the product of choice?

Why is Re-flow Highways the product of choice?

As a new customer, trying to shortlist your options for a workflow management system can be a lengthy and daunting task due to the amount of generic management software on the market- so why did our newest clients choose Re-flow over the alternatives?

Re-flow's Head of Client Services, Ashley Wing believes it was the diversity of how Re-flow enables users to collect, handle, view and report on all kinds of data.

“Our system is a field management system, but it has some very friendly HR/Admin/Accounts features - all in one place. An example is that you can keep all the staff certificates grouped in a single area of the system and run reports on the ones due to expire to keep on top of your compliance.
Another application of this data means a field operative can show supervisors certificates from their app that confirms they are accredited to use equipment, or gain access to site areas that’s unique to them. The knowledge base supports users by keeping any number of handbooks, guides or technical documents to hand so users can easily reference any required information to do their job correctly from a single device.

As Re-flow is not just a generic provider- the system comes with forms and workflows that not cover essential highways processes, but also manages HR and HSE information management as well.The pre-configured highways package comes with a Records module, containing databases of information, such as clients, employees, work types, assets and materials all grouped together in categories with advanced filtering options to swiftly search your information.

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