Software | 19 Jun 2020

Re-flow Highways client feedback

Re-flow Highways client feedback

Typically, the feedback we get about what our clients are most impressed with are the digital forms that bring all their business processes into a single solution. With the new release of Re-flow Highways, it’s been our scheduling functionality that’s also created a buzz, which is exciting for us, because it shows that we're developing even more reasons for our software to be regarded as the best in the sector.

Spearheading the onboarding process of our new software, Re-flow’s Head of Client Services, Ashley Wing commented:

“Our calendar view, with the ability to dynamically shift between scheduled jobs, vehicles, plant and equipment is a big hit! It’s very visual, with colours highlighting the progress and state of the equipment. This makes it very easy to reactively schedule when things change, and you can do so to individual elements without having to change other aspects of the job.”

With an in-house development team, the software available to existing clients is always being upgrading to remain at the cutting edge of the industry. The latest updates enable the vehicles, plant and equipment to clearly show if they’re defective or serviceable - and if you're using a QR scanner in the field, the location is fed directly back into the item record. There are other new features, such as management dashboard users being able to set the rate on the timesheet, and the clock on distance from the site location.

“The other aspect that’s been very well received is our searching and filtering functionality. We have one of the most powerful search tools in field management software. You can find anything within seconds, and you are able to filter to a very specific data view, and export that data as a CSV file. This could be a jobs list - a company user list - a live works list - timesheet hours list, with Re-flow, our clients spend little to no time adding data into spreadsheets. And the ability to pull any field data into that list view makes it extremely powerful and useful.”

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