Software | 30 Jun 2020

Re-flow Highways User Experience

Re-flow Highways User Experience
Now in the third year since the official launch of the first Re-flow workflow management software, the system has been under continuous improvement to add new functions and features to make our system the most advanced end to end management system for the highways sector.

Our customer success team have been onboarding new customers to the system for those undergoing a full business digital transformation, perhaps due to coronavirus related pressures. As well as an optimised software package, the team have also streamlined the roll-out process.

Ashley Wing, Re-flow's Head of Client Services, has been spearheading the streamlined customer set-up shared his thoughts on why it has been such a success;
“New software and terminology is a learning process and can be daunting, especially for those who have never used a field management system before, or spend very little time with a computer - but we’ve streamlined the entire process and made a lot of changes to the dashboard information, our aim is to make it a much more intuitive experience for everyone.
This includes helpful prompts, to where the data and information goes (dashboard or app), we’ve even built a breakdown guide into sections of the interface. If at any point you’re not sure about a section, you can click on a help icon, read the step-by-step guide or watch a walkthrough video.
This approach means some of our clients have never needed to contact us for any help using the software, and those that do are in a greater position knowledge wise.”

The revised approach by the Re-flow customer success team has removed many barriers that might have intimidated new users, and this confidence overtime saw the users advancing into the more complex features of the system they never expected to use.

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