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It's National Tree Week in the UK!

It's National Tree Week in the UK!

In the UK, we all know how important trees are to the local ecosystem, so this week we are celebrating the Tree Council’s efforts to get as many people out and about planting trees as possible.

At Re-flow, we’re lucky enough to be able to provide professional assistance to companies who work in creating gardens and outside spaces. Our app makes it easier for teams in the field to communicate with the rest of the company and ensure the right things are being planted in the right places.

Mike Saunders MD of Re-flow said “We get to help a lot of different companies in many ways with our software, but being a positive part of an industry that leaves a legacy for people, wildlife and the environment is one of the most rewarding parts of our service. We’re proud to be part of the conversation about National Tree Week and we hope everyone that reads this feels inspired to plant a tree of their own”

If you want to read or watch about how we’ve helped Tony Benger Landscaping take a look at the video

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