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New Features- Events, Users and Integrations

New Features- Events, Users and Integrations

It's been a busy end to 2020 at Re-flow and we have so much more coming in early 2021, so brace yourselves for some exciting announcements soon! In the meantime, we have a few features that are being rolled out across our existing customers and are available immediately, if you are starting a new set up.
Individual permissions blog
Individual Permissions

Setting up jobs and tasks on the Re-flow dashboard is straightforward, with lots of flexibility about how you assign groups and individuals across different calendar entries. You can also add resources such as vehicles, plant and materials to the jobs, so operatives and administrators can be confident they know what is needed to complete the tasks listed in the job.

What's new?

This latest update means that you can now create specific tasks for individual members of the team that are not visible to everyone on the job. This is helpful if, for example, someone needs to check over the work of their colleagues, restricting the view means that this information is visible only to the person required to check, while the rest of the job remains visible to everyone assigned. Being able to restrict part of the wider job to key operatives means you can ensure sensitive information is shared on a need-to-know basis.

Recurring events page post
Recurring Events

Scheduling isn't the most fun task on everyone's to do list, but without it, people quickly lose focus, become disorganised and damage productivity. Since we first launched Re-flow, we've been continuously working on our scheduling module, to make it the best workflow management scheduling tool for the highways, civils and landscaping sectors. Now, as part of that ongoing development, we have also implemented a new way to easily set up recurring events.

What's new?

With a few clicks, users can set up jobs that recur for years into the future, making sure tasks are never forgotten and MOTs are never missed again. With Re-flow jobs, you can add materials, plant and vehicles, so by creating a recurring event, you can also reserve the necessary resources for the job in advance. As these recurring events also copy across all the event information, it automatically contains all the tasklists, forms and workflows required to get the job done.

Send to sage blog page
Instant Send Accounting Shortcuts

Re-flow's quotes, billing and invoicing module enables our customers to create a bill of quantities within the system, as well as generate and send quotes and invoices with attached statuses for tracking. However, we know that some of our customers are already using one of the major accountancy packages to look after other financial information and for them, it makes more sense to integrate their Re-flow system into Xero, Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Quickbooks.

What's new?

In the Re-flow accounts tab, there's now a handy 'send to' button on invoices for customers who have connected Re-flow to Xero, Sage Business Cloud Accounting or Quickbooks via our API connector. What this means is that customers can instantly send sales invoices from Re-flow to their accountancy package and then send it on to the client from there without duplicating any processes. We're continually working on developing our features and functions in the financial modules for Re-flow, as we understand how important it is to our customers to get invoices out as quickly and easily as possible, to get paid faster.

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