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Software | 18 Jan 2021

Re-flow Roundup 2021

Re-flow Roundup 2021

With Re-flow, there is an in-house development team working on the latest digital forms, functions and features that keep the software on the cutting edge for the industry, so for existing clients, the performance improvements keep on coming. See what changes we made in 2020!

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Find out even more about some of the biggest updates we made to Re-flow in 2020...

Re-flow Workflow Management Software Packages

Re-flow's new ‘plug and play’ format hugely reduced the amount of effort required by the users to get going with their new system. With previous installations, we started with a blank canvas and asked clients what they were looking for to give them a system that matched their idea of what they wanted, but also functioned well as a workflow management system.

After building dozens of systems for highways, surfacing, line marking, traffic management, civils and landscaping companies, the Re-flow development team saw a pattern for an optimal set-up emerge, taking the most commonly requested features and apply them to a new standardised set-up that comes pre-loaded with all the forms, features and functions required for a company to immediately plug and play. This made Re-flow even simpler to use and enables the development team to apply some powerful updates going forward.

Re-flow Recurring Events Software

Scheduling isn't the most fun task on everyone's to do list, but without it, people quickly lose focus, become disorganised and damage productivity. Since we first launched Re-flow, we've been continuously working on our scheduling module, to make it the best workflow management scheduling tool for the highways, civils and landscaping sectors. Now, as part of that ongoing development, we have also implemented a new way to easily set up recurring events.

What's new?

With a few clicks, users can set up jobs that recur for years into the future, making sure tasks are never forgotten and MOTs are never missed again. With Re-flow jobs, you can add materials, plant and vehicles, so by creating a recurring event, you can also reserve the necessary resources for the job in advance. As these recurring events also copy across all the event information, it automatically contains all the tasklists, forms and workflows required to get the job done.

Re-flow Asset Management Software

This update enables vehicles, plant and equipment to clearly show if they’re defective or serviceable. By using a QR scanner in the field, the location of these assets is fed directly back into the item record. Create, print and fix QR codes to assets and unlock a whole host of benefits through Re-flow:

  • Use Re-flow's app to scan QR codes and make it easier for your operatives to create work requests and update work orders on the go
  • Ensure operatives are using the correct equipment by assigning it to the job in the management dashboard, and confirming it in in the field by scanning the QR code
  • View usage instructions or manufacturer's instructions to operate machinery correctly and safely
  • Use a QR Code to open a specific form related to using equipment, such as a Hand/Arm Vibration Syndrome form.
  • View the maintenance history for your assets by scanning the QR code to view details in the maintenance schedule
  • Scan an item and use Re-flow geo-tagging system to confirm the live location of plant and equipment.

Re-flow Resource Inventory Management Software

Loading individual stock items into a vehicle reduces the stock amount from the depot, making it easy to keep on top of resources, increasing visibility and control.

  • Flag low stock before it becomes an issue
  • Reduce downtime from waiting for stock to be replenished
  • Match actual stock usage against bill of quantities to keep track of costs

Re-flow Individual Job Management Software

Setting up jobs and tasks on the Re-flow dashboard is straightforward, with lots of flexibility about how you assign groups and individuals across different calendar entries. You can also add resources such as vehicles, plant and materials to the jobs, so operatives and administrators can be confident they know what is needed to complete the tasks listed in the job.

What's new?

This update means that you can now create specific tasks for individual members of the team that are not visible to everyone on the job. This is helpful if, for example, someone needs to check over the work of their colleagues, restricting the view means that this information is visible only to the person required to check, while the rest of the job remains visible to everyone assigned. Being able to restrict part of the wider job to key operatives means you can ensure sensitive information is shared on a need-to-know basis.

Re-flow Fast Accounting Integrations

Re-flow's quotes, billing and invoicing module enables our customers to create a bill of quantities within the system, as well as generate and send quotes and invoices with attached statuses for tracking. However, we know that some of our customers are already using one of the major accountancy packages to look after other financial information and for them, it makes more sense to integrate their Re-flow system into Xero, Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Quickbooks.

What's new?

In the Re-flow accounts tab, there's now a handy 'send to' button on invoices for customers who have connected Re-flow to Xero, Sage Business Cloud Accounting or Quickbooks via our API connector. What this means is that customers can instantly send sales invoices from Re-flow to their accountancy package and then send it on to the client from there without duplicating any processes. We're continually working on developing our features and functions in the financial modules for Re-flow, as we understand how important it is to our customers to get invoices out as quickly and easily as possible, to get paid faster.

Re-flow Operative Management Software

Using Quick Response (QR) codes, Re-flow can unlock a whole area of on-site operative management. Each employee can be generated a unique code that can be printed onto a photo ID card. The code can be read by the scanner on the Re-flow app and give an instant link to the employee’s profile. This means you can track:

  • training records such as training completed, training expiration/recertification dates, qualifications and skills.
  • site documentation, ID verification, SHEQ information
  • time and attendance clocking in and out, with GPS location
  • site security

Re-flow Invoice Management Software

We're always listening to our customers and a recent request from some of Re-flow's existing clients was to add the facility for custom invoice cover notes in the accounting module. With the latest feature update, we're proud to be adding that functionality to our SaaS field management software. As the Re-flow's system contains a database of records information, such your contract information, the cover notes can pull any information that you need through automatically, saving even more time for accounts administrators.

Key benefits of this new feature:

  • Create preset templates to quickly import standardised information and produce consistent cover letters
  • Upload any information you require, including a foolproof set of instructions telling customers how to pay
  • Use tokens/tags to automatically populate the cover letter with personalised client data pulled from with Re-flow
  • Add logo headers and accreditation footers
  • 'What you see is what you get' (WYSIWYG) editor to change, add or delete anything
  • Cover notes can be multiple pages to support various terms or policies being added
  • Invoices break down multiple jobs and subtotals them.

Re-flow Software Bill of Quantities

Make the quantification and costing of your works faster and more reliable. Using Re-flow, you can simply create a list of the plant, machinery and materials required for specific jobs and save them as a preset in your bill of quantities to add each time that task is required for a job.

Reduce the risk of any ambiguity, omissions or misunderstandings that could later result in a dispute. If you’re tendering, supplying a detailed breakdown from the presets for specific jobs can ensure you’re pricing on the same basis as any competitors.

Re-flow Software for Viewing Job Data

Being able to quickly sort and filter jobs is an essential aspect of managing workflows. If you have a lot of active projects or multiple teams using Re-flow, the jobs tab can get busy. Now with our advanced sorting and filtering functionality you can customise your jobs view, so it shows you exactly what you need to see.

You can sort your records by one of the field columns or produce customised list views that display records set by your criteria. Setting one of the filters available in Re-flow lets you determine which records display so only the records that meet your filter criteria appear in your list view.

As you see we've been busy since last year...

Need an all-in-one field management solution? Want minimal fuss getting new systems in place? We've got your back! Call us today, or fill out a form, and one of our software specialists will be in touch.


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