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Software | 24 Jan 2020

Re-flow Roundup of new features, 2020

Re-flow Roundup of new features, 2020

We've been very busy this year! See our major updates that took place over 2019. We have even more exciting developments coming in the next year, so stay tuned!

Here's our 2019 rundown or download the Re-flow Roundup 2020 PDF

We’ve massively upgraded the backend of the system, so processes run faster and we can now import much larger data record sets, when setting you up…

We have now added a very powerful way to schedule individuals and teams who are travelling to multiple locations and jobs. Define depots, create routes and it will auto calculate travel times.

We’ve totally modified our training process, so you now get a series of personalised explainer videos throughout set up, which you can access 24/7. This has led to a much speeder take up and understanding of the system.

With so much going on in the field, it’s easy for a subbie to be given a new instruction without documentation in place or for the client to tweak the brief on the fly, but if the office doesn’t know about it then prompt payment quickly goes out the window.

Common billing errors, such as invoices that aren’t properly generated or recorded correctly, slows up cash flow and needs manual admin intervention to save the day. Recognising the impact of this, Re-flow has a major new update coming over the next quarter, which gives users an end-to-end software solution for site operations.

Comes with 100% network uptime guarantee
  • ISO 27001, 27018, 22301, 9001 and 14001.
  • PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider
  • Cyber Essentials +
  • BSI PAS 2060: Carbon Neutral
Security Protocols
  • Redundant firewalls
  • Quarterly vulnerability scans
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Advanced Proactive Uptime Monitoring
  • Server maintenance and OS Patch Updates

Following on from the inbuilt calculators in our forms, we will be rolling out functionality for users to input a bill of quantities (BoQ) for any job, where you simply add items and Re-flow calculates the rates automatically. If the item isn’t already on the list, then you can easily add it manually. Once you’ve input all the information, you can create a quote that pulls through all the information from the BoQ, as well as client details, appropriate logos, terms and conditions etc.

Calendar items can now be bulk copied and edited, so you can reschedule hundreds of jobs at once, all in one go.

We can now build you bespoke reports within the Re-flow management dashboard, based on custom time periods, you can even export the data to PDFs or Excel or visualise in a Graph.

If you want to get the information back out of Re-flow, it’s really easy- just export it all to a CSV! Other sharing features include letting your clients log into the new client portal and schedule jobs in the dashboard or access reports that you want them to see. However, you still have the power to restricted by permissions, for both internal and external users so only certain people can make changes.

As well as being more user intuitive, Re-flow has been updated to make your administration faster. New features include the batch editing of jobs/events to publish, unpublish or delete as appropriate. In the calendar, simply pick up existing jobs or routes and swap them between people to accommodate changes in schedules. Someone called in sick? Easy- just bulk move their jobs back a day - or to someone else.

Along with more information at your fingertips, you also have access to insights you can action. This update has our time-stretched office and management teams in mind, so check out the latest user experience tweaks that are there to help optimise your performance.

We have streamlined the information views in the dashboard for easier consumption by implementing an impressive new filtering system. Now any related data that’s in a list can be used as a filter to find all other matching records.

Group profiles enable you to layout the dashboard differently for departments to accommodate different ways of working and prioritise information fields. Change your views, filters and date ranges for a fully customised dashboard configuration.

Our field management solution can transform your company's workflow with minimal downtime. Call us today, or fill out a form, and one of our software specialists will be in touch.


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