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Software | 3 Apr 2020

Up and ready in two days?

Up and ready in two days?

We’re working in strange and unprecedented times at the moment. At Re-flow, we’re lucky enough to be able to operate all of our services as normal from home. Similarly, we’ve also seen new clients approach us looking for solutions to help them with work from home and social distancing in the field while still supporting full information exchange, collaboration and reporting. This week we signed up and onboarded a new customer in just 2 days. Check out how we did it!

Users’ first experience is critical. Here’s how we make it count.

At Re-flow, the onboarding process isn’t about just showing our customers how to use their software. It’s supporting them in configuring their own perfect set-up and taking them to their first success point. The first success is where a customer is actually using the software to suit their business, using their own forms and terminology.

Other companies that leave their new customers to it are also setting themselves up to flop because failing to take your customers from the software introduction to the first point of success means there’s a much higher risk of customers abandoning the product because they’re lost, don’t understand something, don’t get the expected value from the product, and then lose interest. When this happens, it’s all been a huge waste of time, effort and money. In short, everyone loses.


So here’s how we take you from '0 - full Re-flow' in less than 10 steps.

1. Introduce the Re-flow Support team.

2. Breakdown of training and phone call from the support team.

3. Orientation and Training videos for your set-up

4. Client begins to enter their records

5. Client uses support portal for any queries or amendments to their dashboard and forms

6. Dashboard amendments implemented, test work form submitted

7. Final work form created and approved

8. Field Test- 1st Success Point

9. Client goes live

This week, Re-flow signed up and onboarded a new client in just two days.

Our latest client, a Civils, Transport & Highways Consultancy working across all types of construction projects, has grown steadily over the years and diversified, attracting a wide range of clients from both public and private sectors.

During the current Covid-19 outbreak, they have implemented new methods to protect their staff and provide safe working practices while still serving their customers at this difficult time. All their staff can work from home, except for those required on-site for essential works, who are only authorised to work once the risk of undertaking site visits has been robustly assessed on a case-by-case basis, also by prohibiting face-to-face meetings, ensuring social distancing is adhered to, and precautions are taken to prevent the spread of infection.

Re-flow software helps and supports these working practices by fully enabling workflow control, uploading and reporting from a desktop dashboard, eliminating the need for anyone to send or receive any paperwork physically. In the field, the app on each users’ smartphone means they can fill out any forms, reports and inspections using their own device and communicate information, photos and calculations digitally, eliminating the need for person to person interaction, all-time, date and geo stamped for a robust audit trail.

Ashley from the Re-flow Support team commented: “The turnaround was quick as the client reviewed all the orientation and training videos and understood the system. They had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve with an initial set up, and how they wanted to utilise scheduling. We were able to deal with their requests quickly as they understood the parameters of the software and how to take advantage of the strength of the software.”
In keeping with the speed of the set-up, the thanks from the client was equally quickly sent and received. “Thanks. And Thank you for your support in general, very pleased we are up and live today! I have been asking a lot of you and it is appreciated! Cheers"

If you’re looking for one of the companies still operating during this time or planning a phased return to work and looking to ensure you deliver the duty of care to your employees by reviewing and redesigning work, speak to Re-flow about making this happen today.

Our field management solution can transform your company's workflow with minimal downtime. Call us today, or fill out a form, and one of our software specialists will be in touch.


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