Reviews | 23 Aug 2021

Premier Traffic Management master their workflow management with Re-flow

Premier Traffic Management master their workflow management with Re-flow

• A leading name in Traffic Management for the North of England with an over two hundred strong, skilled workforce, across their five depots.
• Established in 2000, they’ve spent the past two decades developing strong business relationships throughout the region.
• Providing a range of services from temporary traffic management, project design and consultancy, to training and assessment, as well as specialist vehicle and equipment hire.

Premier Traffic Management needed a system to prevent forms or documents from being lost, returned incorrectly, or not filled out. The system also needed to allow the enforcement of standards even when teams are working remotely. In addition to this, they needed new forms to be easy to follow for on-site workers, whose priority is completing their tasks, as well as paperwork. Another issue was that admin teams were unable to track job progress until physical forms made it back to the office, costing them time and reducing efficiency.

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Premier Traffic Management needed a solution that ensured their operatives would have clear and easy to follow workflows and that dashboard users could enforce form completion even when the teams are working remotely. Re-flow’s paperless system was a key selling point for Premier when deciding to adopt our software. They were onboarded with only minor customisations to support their ways of working. Our smart forms solved the issue of correct completion of forms.

Using conditional logic, they change as users fill in information and contain drop-down fields. This removes the confusion over which sections of the form need to be filled in because the form adapts based on what is input. Information can no longer be returned incomplete as restrictions require forms to be completed before being submitted to the dashboard user in the office. Also, due to Re-flow’s offline working capability, field operatives don’t need an internet connection to complete work forms. All data is stored locally and backed up to the cloud when the connection is re-established.

Once onboarded, Premier Traffic Management’s paperwork issues were instantly resolved. The ability to instantly recall paperwork and track the progress of jobs changed the way they work for the better. Having paperwork returned completed before operatives arrive back to the depot has helped to better coordinate work and improve efficiency across the business. The enhanced coordination is aided by the software’s live planning feature, which ensures everyone has access to information in real-time.

The software proved key during the pandemic, allowing management and planning to continue remotely with home working. Even allowing them to monitor on-site jobs via the app, rather than needing to visit the site. Operatives have had greater access to admin services such as booking time off and ordering PPE to site, ready for when they start jobs. Staff regularly express that they’re amazed at how they managed without a system like Re-flow for so many years.

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