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Check out Re-flow's latest feature updates

Check out Re-flow's latest feature updates

It's been a busy three months in the Re-flow offices, both in product development and improving the system for existing customers.

So what's new?

Faster System
We’ve massively upgraded the backend of the system, so processes run faster and we can now import much larger data record sets, when setting you up… a thousand times faster in fact!

Advanced reporting
We can now build you bespoke reports within the Re-flow management dashboard, based on custom time periods, with whatever layout and information you choose. Furthermore, you can even export the data as PDFs.

Emojis are here!
Pictures say a thousand words, and emojis can save valuable space in forms, while offering a clear message.

Calendar Updates
Calendar items can now be bulk copied and edited, so you can reschedule hundreds of jobs at once, all in one go.

Map scheduling
We have now added a very powerful way to schedule individuals and teams who are travelling to multiple locations and jobs. Define depots, create routes, pick the right skills for the job and auto calculate travel times.

Training & Support
We’ve totally modified our training process, so you now get a series of personalised explainer videos throughout set up, which you can access 24/7. This has led to a much speeder take up and understanding of the system.

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