Events | 26 Nov 2021

Capping off Re-flow's yearly events with Digital Construction Week

Capping off Re-flow's yearly events with Digital Construction Week

Over the past two months, we've been very busy here at Re-flow. With the COVID-19 pandemic and it's numerous lockdowns cancelling events left and right, we were anxious to make up for the lost time and get back on the road, putting our software on display, connecting with new clients and reconnecting with old ones - face to face at last. Our team's been up and down the country, making the most of the what's left of 2021, and we've loved every second of it.

Starting with Procurex National, we've been to UK Construction Week, Kent Construction Expo, Highways UK, The Landscape Show, and Futurescape. With Digital Construction Week to cap it all off, that makes seven events in just two months. Since then, we've already been busy preparing for the next year, and with even more events lined up already, we're ready for 2022 to be bigger and better than ever. 

Looking back across all of the events, one of our favourite highlights was having the opportunity to finally meet our loyal clients in person, after being separated by screens for so many months. Members of the teams at Highway Traffic Management, Quality Marking Services, and Mobile Visual Information Services all stopped by our stand at Highways UK for a chat, catching up and telling us how Re-flow has transformed their businesses for the better. Watch our latest video and see exactly what they had to say about their Re-flow experience.

At Futurescape, we had the pleasure of bumping into one of our longest standing clients, Tony Benger Landscaping Ltd. Having worked with them since Re-flow's beginnings in 2017, it's been a privilege to watch their business go from strength to strength throughout the years. For a shining example of how landscaping businesses thrive with Re-flow, read our full Futurescape article.

We even had the chance to see some clients not just once, but twice! It was certainly a pleasant surprise when Mike Andrews from DWG stopped by our stand at both Procurex and UK Construction Week to say hello.

Being off the road for so long, we wanted to have some fun with this year's events. Those who walked past our stands would've be hard-pressed to miss the spectacular talents of Lee Thompson, Steven James, and other brilliant entertainers who worked their magic and drew in the crowds.

That wasn't all, however, visitors at our stand had the chance to put together and take home their very own personalised LEGO Minifigures, which proved to be a massive hit. Read the full article for more on our antics, highlights and successes at UK Construction Week.

With Digital Construction Week just behind us, our team's beginning to wind down for a well deserved Christmas break, before jumping into next year, excitedly awaiting 2022's upcoming events. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter for all the latest on when and where our team's off to next. We can guarantee that you won't be starved for excitement or hopefulness once you see how your business can thrive with Re-flow, in the flesh.

You don't have to wait until next year, though. Get your live demo or contact us today.

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