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Reviews | 6 Jun 2024

Re-flow Field Management Review by Coast Renewable

Re-flow Field Management Review by Coast Renewable

Key Benefits

Configurable Digital Forms

With Re-flow's form builder, Coast Renewable Services create monthly vehicle and PPE checks, PPE and component inspections, and timesheets to suit their needs.

Easy-to-Use Scheduler

Coast Renewable Services now have full oversight of their operations, being able to visualise assets like operatives, vehicles, and equipment. They always know where their workers are and when they're needed.

Automated Qualification Tracking

Automation triggers and training expiration-date notifications enhance workforce competence and compliance.


Coast Renewable Services, who specialise in wind farm solutions, implemented our software in order to track their operatives and their qualifications and certificates, record monthly vehicle and PPE checks, carry out inspections on components, and collect all their data in one place.

They needed a system that was easy to use and able to replace their reliance on spreadsheets.

With Re-flow, Coast Renewable Services have gained complete oversight of their business, from locating operatives and equipment to keeping on top of qualifications and training. Compliance has been boosted by vehicle safety checks and PPE check forms. Coast have improved their processes to a point where they could now consider ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 accreditations.


As Coast Renewable Services grew, they found themselves relying heavily on spreadsheets – they felt they were ‘working hard instead of smart’.

Wanting to take advantage of digital trends, they began looking for a field-management software provider capable of streamlining their processes into a single, convenient app. They wanted to move away from spreadsheets and Word documents and to make the office workflow easier while also tidying up their field processes. Other time-consuming issues included needing to keep track of operatives’ certificates and certificate expiry dates during scheduling.


Coast Renewable Services want to be one of the best companies in the wind turbine business. To do this they needed to find software capable of integrating all their processes into a single user-friendly app.


A few of the key benefits of Re-flow for Coast Renewable Services include:

  1. Integrated Systems
  2. User-Friendly Interface
  3. Configuration
  4. Efficiency Boost
  5. Real-Time Updates

The forms section plays a crucial role in handling our daily paperwork requirements. One of the major improvements we've seen since using Re-flow is the optimisation of our timesheet process. In the past, technicians had to input their timesheet information into Excel spreadsheets, which was time consuming and required access to laptops. We also use the forms section for PPE checks and vehicle checks. Beforehand this was done in a Word document, and it was hard to keep track of everything. We also use Re-flow for keeping records of all of our PPE and vehicles. We now have most of our equipment and their serial numbers added into the system.

Ellie Robson 1 286 2
Ellie Robson
Marketing Executive
Coast Renewable


By adopting Re-flow’s field-management software, Coast Renewable Services moved away from inefficient spreadsheet-based processes to a streamlined, integrated digital system.

This transition not only improved their internal workflows but also enhanced their service delivery, which has supported their continued growth in the renewable energy sector, and helped the company fulfil criteria for achieving various ISO standards including: 9001, 14001, 45001 and 2700.

The company have implemented streamlined processes throughout the business, including mandatory form filling in order to ensure that operatives fulfil every step of their jobs. This approach saves time by ensuring there are no cut corners, and no unwelcome surprises as a result.

What’s more, they said, ‘We find the level of support really good. The Re-flow team are always quick to get back to us if we have any questions, and the software allows us to be more efficient, not only in the office but in the field too. This in turn helps us provide a better service to our customers.’

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Re-flow Field Management Review by Coast Renewable
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