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Reviews | 23 Nov 2021

Re-flow Field Management Review by Fenton TM

Re-flow Field Management Review by Fenton TM

Our goal is to give businesses the tools and opportunity to thrive. For Fenton Traffic Management, that meant finding the freedom to be efficient. We knew that freedom was Re-flow.

  • Fenton Traffic Management is a Hertfordshire company serving clients across London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Essex.
  • Established in 2016, the company’s team has decades of combined experience at all levels of the traffic management sector.
  • The company’s dedication to quality service shines through all aspects of their work, including site meetings, designing, implementing, and maintaining various highway schemes.


The company knew that paper just wasn’t cutting it. Forms weren’t coming back quick enough, and crucial information was going to waste. Audit trails and HSE compliance – crucial processes – were suffering. Fenton needed a system that puts them back in control. If the business was to prosper, the safety of their operatives, and the quality of their work could no longer be at the whims of unreliable, paper systems.

Their digital transformation didn’t bear fruit straight away, however. Before coming to us, Fenton invested time with another software solution that could not meet their needs. They needed a flexible solution, with a modern design that can handle the needs of all its users. They didn’t just need field management software; they needed the right field management software.


With Re-flow on their side, the company could do away with the paper crutch needed to supplement the shortcomings of their previous service. Our software’s flexibility meant they could get the forms they needed, wherever they needed them, instantly. The power could be back in their hands. Audit trails and strictly enforced HSE forms mean crucial data comes back exactly when it is needed and meets the high standards the business prides itself on.

Instead of streamlining time-consuming admin duties, the wrong software can often bring them to a grinding halt instead. The company wanted a solution that lets them manage processes such as billing, quickly and efficiently. Re-flow takes advantage of the immense potential of digital solutions. Multi-selection allows users to send invoices, reports, and other information in bulk, turning hours, into minutes.

We know how daunting change is, especially for an industry which has operated a certain way for so long. The hard work and passion of our client service team stamped out any apprehension they had from negative experiences in the past. With a dedicated onboarding process and constant support through their transformation, we were committed to give them the freedom they weren’t able to find with other solutions. They were especially thankful to our team member, Aaron, who guided them through this pivotal step on their journey.


Almost immediately, Fenton saw a near 80% reduction of paperwork sent between site and office. Re-flow’s strict compliance enforcement and smart forms meant that the data being received was higher quality, and more valuable than ever; data which can be easily shared with clients, proudly putting the company’s stellar work on display.

Time Loss (Blue)
Reduction in time loss
Efficiency Increase (Green)
Increase in efficiency
Paperwork Reduction (Blue)
Reduction in paperwork

Audits no longer need to be chased down and managed through on-site visits. Everything is available through the dashboard, and anxiously wondering about when forms arrive has now become an instant e-mail notification, as soon as reports, tasks, and forms are completed. It’s not just peace of mind, but tangible results – time lost has been reduced by 35%, and efficiency has increased by a staggering 75%, saving thousands and empowering workers to focus on the work that matters. All this, in just 12 months.


Working with Re-flow has totally restored my faith in digitising our workflow. We have instant eyes on the ground, not just on the job, but all our vehicles and plant. We’ve reduced our paperwork and time wasted, and increased efficiency, which easily justifies the monthly cost. I could never go back to paperwork again.

Tony Bayford Quote Image
Tony Bayford
Managing Director
Fenton TM

Fenton Traffic Management joins a community of flourishing businesses that have undertaken their digital transformation and come out better than ever; improving efficiencies, helping the environment and protecting the safety of their workers.

For more inspiring success stories, browse our library of case studies and see how businesses like yours can gain the freedom to thrive with Re-flow.

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