Reviews | 1 Aug 2022

Re-flow Field Management Review by Premier Traffic Management

Re-flow Field Management Review by Premier Traffic Management

We recently had the opportunity to send our film crew up to the headquarters of Premier Traffic Management in Durham. As an industry heavyweight and long-term Re-flow client, it was great to revisit their day-to-day workings and document how their business has transformed with our field management software for traffic management.

When the team at Premier Traffic Management first adopted Re-flow, they were facing the many issues that come with paperwork systems. Missing paperwork, incomplete paperwork, illegible paperwork. The business needed a solution that would allow them to reclaim the time spent chasing documents from operatives and use it more productively. If forms were being completed correctly, that would ensure better compliance and a more accurate work and information package for their workers.

Now, these issues have become a relic of the past. Premier TM have completely transformed their business, increasing available time by 95%, HSE reporting and auditability by 100% and more. With a successful rollout that was warmly accepted by operatives and office teams alike, the firm has assured more organised, productive and sustainable growth for the years to come. With Re-flow continually adding features, such as operative fatigue tracking - improvements are being rapidly enabled to improve and monitor health and welfare within TM companies across the UK.

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