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Re-flow supports Road Safety Week 2018

Re-flow supports Road Safety Week 2018

This week marks road safety week in the UK. From the 19-25th November a spotlight is being thrown onto our driving conduct to remind us all of what’s at stake. While the majority of the focus is on road users and praising our emergency services, we’d also like to extend our thanks to those people working on our roads to make them safe and secure to drive on.

Working in the highways sector, we see the incredible amount of professionalism that goes into the construction, repair and maintenance work in the jobs that come through the Re-flow workflows on our app and dashboards.

Despite this great work, sadly in 2017 there were 1,793 fatalities on Britain’s roads, so there is still work to be done. We’ve all seen the reports that we have a £9.3bn shortall in funding for the repairs and maintenance of our roads and while this week is about supporting and thanking the emergency services and safety agencies for their tireless work in keeping us safe, the team at Re-flow also want to give praise to those people working on our infrastructure who do an incredibly valuable job to keep Britain moving safety, in spite of some very challenging resourcing issues that we are facing. Without the hardwork and dedication of these people, our statistics could be a whole lot worse.

For drivers on our roads, as well as taking this week to remind ourselves of the importance of safe driving, please also take the time to be thankful that we have some of the safest roads to drive on in the world due to the highways professionals who work around the clock in all-weather to minimise the risk of roads accidents.

To find out more about this great cause, visit http://www.roadsafetyweek.org.uk/

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