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Re-flow's Construction Eye in the Sky

Re-flow's Construction Eye in the Sky

At Re-flow HQ on Paris St in central Exeter, we're lucky enough to have a birds' eye view over one of the biggest civil engineering projects in the city for decades. The old bus station is being transformed into the new St Sidwell's Point leisure complex, a new bus station, community spaces and eventually shops, offices, hotels and the new civic centre for the city.

As a key supplier to the construction sector, our product is used by contractors like those building the development. While we see the level of complexity and detail that comes through the jobs, tasks, schedules and reports in our software, to be able to see a live example like this makes the team at Re-flow fully appreciate how technical the logistics on the ground are.

For the other residents in the city who can only see a glimpse of what's going on, or can only hear the progress, we're keeping a video update of how the progress is coming along, so stay tuned, it's going to be a busy 12 months!

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