Software | 12 Jul 2021

The rising star of Re-flow

The rising star of Re-flow

We’re always eager to hear client feedback on how Re-flow’s software is performing. Their reviews help guide us in our work, improving user experience, identifying new features to implement, and what current features to develop.

With seventeen verified client reviews, Capterra has revealed our star rating. Coming out of the gate with a strong 4.5, Re-flow’s software is already proving itself an industry favourite. So, in the words of those who’ve used and reviewed Re-flow’s award-winning software, what is it that earned us those gold stars?

For most, it’s efficiency improvements. The saved time, ease of access to information, and the streamlining of workflows make us so valuable to clients. In the case of Esther in Line Marking, ‘the app has revolutionised (their) business. Our software's scheduling feature for Michael C in Traffic Management has saved them ‘hours of planning time’.

For others, it’s the flexibility of the software with the ability ‘to custom-make the forms and upload the information (they) require’. We’ve continued to develop this area with our recent V1.5 update, greatly increasing the control and flexibility for dashboard users.

Neither our rich feature set nor the flexibility of the software would be of much use if the system were difficult to use. As our Tech Manager said in a recent Tech Talk, the software has been designed with in-field user experience at the forefront. That’s why some clients cite the "ease of use and versatility" as their main pro, with others praising the "easy navigation and ease at which they can show others how to use it" when reviewing the software.

All these positives with the software are due, in large part, to our close working relationship with our early clients, as well as our continued focus on customer service. We always listen to client needs and requests for new features and how they’d like current features to develop. It also means that when a client comes to us with a feature request or specific software need, we’re able to quickly develop a solution that works, not only for them but for our whole raft of clients. It’s why so many client reviews rate our customer service so highly.

Of course, that 4.5 means we’re not perfect. Clients cited the need for accounting integration, greater customisation of forms and layout. Our billing and invoicing were identified as an area in need of development, with one user citing their need for invoicing to be based "on work returned as opposed to initial quotations".

But here’s the great thing with reviews. We’ve listened to these client issues and have been working to solve them. V1.5 has added more flexibility and control to users than ever before, and our integration with third-party accounting software is better than ever. We’ve also recently announced that the V1.5.14 update includes considerable improvements to how we handle BOQ’s.

Re-flow’s early reviews are in, and the general trend is positivity and excitement for what we’ve been able to provide our clients and plenty of areas for us to improve the software further.

And that last half star? Well, it gives us something to shoot for.

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