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Less paperwork for World Book Day!

Less paperwork for World Book Day!

Re-flow research conducted by YouGov shows UK workers sacrifice personal reading to keep on top of work reading.

While schools across the UK and Ireland are celebrating World Book Day on 7 March, adults in employment are having their enjoyment of reading stifled by paperwork burdens at work. If UK companies were more considerate about what information they are obliging their employees to read, workers would feel more inclined to read things for their own enjoyment.

A national poll of UK workers has found that:

Form Fatigue

Across the regions of the UK, there is a consistent percentage of people who say they don’t read things like books, magazines or poetry specifically because of the amount they already have to read at work. This regional rundown shows where form fatigue is taking its toll.

“I often don't feel like reading things for personal enjoyment (e.g. books, magazines, poetry etc.) because of how much I already have to read at work.”

Reading for personal enjoyment is also more likely to be overlooked by younger workers due to the amount they are having to read at work, but as we get older, we are less inclined to feel that we have to sacrifice reading things we enjoy.

With 16% of 18-34 year old workers getting out of the habit of reading for enjoyment due to the reading requirements placed on them in the workplace, we are in danger of setting a lifelong habit of ignoring reading for fun.

Often not feeling like reading for fun due to work reading- by age group:

MD of Re-flow, Michael Saunders said “In a week where children across the nation are celebrating their favorite stories and characters in books, adults in the workplace are spending significant amounts of time trudging through paperwork and getting reading fatigue that stops them wanting to read at home.”

“With 17% of UK workers feeling obliged to read information they consider irrelevant, it’s time companies reflect on what they deem essential reading.”

Re-flow is a workflow information management system that brings paper processes online and creates dynamic forms that changes the information being displayed based on the readers current circumstances. This eliminates irrelevant information being shown and saves hours of wasted time.

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