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Unlocking the security myth of cloud software.

Unlocking the security myth of cloud software.

Since 2010 there have been thirteen high profile breaches of government data. Of these thirteen, all of them involved the loss of physical data, be that memory sticks, laptops and computers, or even traditional paper documents. Your data may be secure when stored on your physical server; but the moment you make hard copies to transfer it to another team or department, it loses that security.

There are those who fear putting their data in a cloud-based system makes them more vulnerable. The truth is that cloud solutions provide not only high levels of security for your stored data, but also removes the need for multiple copies of data being produced and moved around physically. With Re-flow, your data is held in a secure data centre, monitored by vetted professionals, and can only be accessed through a secure log in.

The government has learnt from experience the risks of legacy data storage and are investing heavily in the adoption of cloud-based solutions. Maybe now’s the time for you to make the change as well.

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