Industry | 10 May 2021

Busting the Big 3 Cloud Software Myths

Busting the Big 3 Cloud Software Myths

There’s been a growing push by government to transfer workflow management over to cloud-based services. This is part of a plan to better integrate and standardise processes across the public sector. Still, there are those who still have concerns about these new digital solutions. That’s why we’re seeking to bust the misconceptions that may be holding you back from embracing the future and building better with digital.

Too Technical

When asked, many people share a lot of the same concerns about moving to cloud-based solutions. That the time and complexity of migrating all of their data and workflow’s across to a new infrastructure would be too involved. They feel it couldn’t be done without compromising their productivity, leading to them falling behind, and failing to meet targets.

This simply is not the case. Take for example the Home Office, widely recognised as one of the most complex government departments in the UK. Just this year they were able to migrate all their human resource, payroll, and finance data for all 35,000 personnel across to a cloud-based solution.

These processes are supported all the way by in-house teams, and once completed, allow for greater integration and streamlining of processes. Ultimately, while there may be short-term if minimal, downtime to make the transition; the long-term boosts to your productivity are more than worth it.

Too Expensive

Budget concerns are always an important factor, regardless of if you’re in the public or private sector. Justifying whether to adopt a new system when your ‘current’ workflow solution is still working can be a difficult one. Should you really buy a new car when your old one still runs?

But consider the cost of not upgrading. Sure, your current system may still run, but is it running efficiently? Is it in fact costing you in lost time and productivity? How quickly does the cost of simply having to maintain and update a legacy system add up? How long before that cost soon out stripes the price of simply upgrading to a cloud-based solution?

Our own research and client case studies stand as a testament that our software has been able to reduce lost time, and improve compliance and safety, while providing considerable savings to operating costs.

Less Secure

Since 2010 there have been thirteen high profile breaches of government data. Of these thirteen, all of them involved the loss of physical data, be that memory sticks, laptops and computers, or even traditional paper documents. Your data may be secure when stored on your physical server; but the moment you make hard copies to transfer it to another team or department, it loses that security.

There are those who fear putting their data in a cloud-based system makes them more vulnerable. The truth is that cloud solutions provide not only high levels of security for your stored data, but also removes the need for multiple copies of data being produced and moved around physically. With Re-flow, your data is held in a secure data centre, monitored by vetted professionals, and can only be accessed through a secure log in.

The government has learnt from experience the risks of legacy data storage and are investing heavily in the adoption of cloud-based solutions. Maybe now’s the time for you to make the change as well.

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