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Is the cloud too technical for me?

Is the cloud too technical for me?

When asked, many people share many of the same concerns about moving to cloud-based solutions. That the time and complexity of migrating all their data and workflow’s across to a new infrastructure would be too involved. They feel it couldn’t be done without compromising their productivity, leading to them falling behind, and failing to meet targets.

This simply is not the case. Take for example the Home Office, widely recognised as one of the most complex government departments in the UK. Just this year they were able to migrate all their human resource, payroll, and finance data for all 35,000 personnel across to a cloud-based solution.

These processes are supported all the way by in-house teams, and once completed, allow for greater integration and streamlining of processes. Ultimately while there may be short-term, if minimal, downtime to make the transition; the long-term boosts to your productivity are more than worth it.

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