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Events | 4 Nov 2022

Re-flow at Highways UK 2022

Re-flow at Highways UK 2022

For the Re-flow team, it’s always a treat coming to Highways UK, this year being no exception. Like all events, it's a great opportunity to meet industry professionals, touch base with our clients face-to-face, as well as seeing the best and brightest innovators from the sector in person. Our penultimate event of the year, this was Re-flow's largest trade show offering yet. Debuting our biggest built stand to date, we were able to accodommate thirteen team members, lots of Lego, two magicians and crowds of curious attendees.

A key part of the contingent that made the journey from Devon were our software specialists, who were running live support sessions for our existing clients. From general refreshers on the many powerful features of our system to deep-dives into advanced functionalities such as automation, form building and live user tracking. These hour-long sessions ran throughout both days of the event and proved to be a great opportunity for businesses to level-up their field management with Re-flow, as well as giving us further insight into how users are utilising the system, and what aspects we can focus on for future development. Among those who took advantage of this opportunity were team members from Toppesfield, R&C Williams, Truvelo, Kiely Bros and ATM.


It's always good to keep up with the latest updates to Re-flow. We thought this would be a good chance to see things live, in action, rather than over a video or phone call - it sticks more in your memory; learning as you go. We wanted to go over the changes to the form builder, so that we can make form changes as and when we need to in-house, which makes our lives much easier.

Alex Colesby Quote Image
Alex Colesby
Compliance Manager
R&C Williams

In order to strengthen the bonds within the Re-flow team itself, as well as emphasising the importance of community within the sector, we brought two of our newest members to the event - Josh Sims and Graham Pardoe, working in the Marketing and Sales teams respectively. Despite Re-flow's consistent rapid growth this past year, we want to ensure that we don't lose the personal touch we're known for as we expand. A trade show such as this is the perfect opportunity for our newest team members to build connections of their own, as well as understanding the impact that Re-flow has on its clients.

Aside from reconnecting with our clients, events such as Highways UK are crucial for forming new connections and keeping up to date with the latest trends and developments within the highways industry. Luckily, there was no shortage of interest in both our stand, and our software. Industry professionals came in droves, sometimes enticed by an impromptu magic trick from our magicians, or the opportunity to build your own Lego figure. We had the opportunity to showcase the powerful features and benefits of our software to droves of industry professionals, as well as recieving valuable feedback. Some, such as Patrick Kyffin, Contract Manager at Multevo, were kind enough to share their first impressions with us on camera.


We wanted to highlight the jobs the app can do, and how effective it can be in tracking assets from a depot, how much data can be recorded. It was important to see the full capabilties - creating jobs, tracking holidays and availability - it looks like it does everything we need it to in one app.

Placeholder Quote Image
Patrick Kyffin
Contract Manager

Sustainability was a key theme for the event, with many exhibitors showcasing new innovations. Visitors could also attend a series of talks throughout both days that specifically focused on the topic. One talk, hosted by Lynsey Clarke from Jacobs, looked at how the UK’s climate response affects the highways industry, and considered how the industry achieves consistency and credibility, as well as the transformative potential of investment in net zero and sustainability. The talk generated some insightful discussions and prompted attendees to consider ways to decrease their environmental impact during the work that they undertake.

Overall, the event was a huge success. Droves of industry professionals left the Re-flow stand with new knowledge, having been dazzled by some incredible magic and a new Lego figure. Plans are already underway for next year’s event, which we hope to be bigger and better than ever.

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Our team now prepares for the last event of Re-flow’s colossal year-long roadmap – Futurescape. For more details on our final event, as well as some very exciting news coming up on the horizon, follow us on social media.

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