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Off-road at Rail Live 2022

Off-road at Rail Live 2022

The Re-flow team was off-road and in the field at Rail Live 2022 as we continued to steam ahead into the rail industry with our award-winning field management software.

From Re-flow's inception, our focus has been on highways, civil engineering, construction, and traffic management. These are sectors which we have worked with for years and garnered a client-base of over 170 firms nationwide who trust and utilise our field management software daily.

As with all things at Re-flow, client feedback is paramount in how we work, and how we grow as a business. Over many conversations with our long-term client, DWG Infraco, we have come to realise that the rail industry suffers from many of the same issues our software exists to solve, and the potential value it could bring to the sector. As our first client operating in rail, DWG director Mike Andrews' industry insight has been invaluable in ensuring Re-flow's features are honed to best serve the rail industry, which we were finally able to put on full display at our rail debut at Railtex / Infrarail earlier this year.

Mike Andrews Quote Image

We got introduced into Re-flow about 18 months ago by another company that we were doing some sub-contract work with. We were all paper and manual, and it was a complete culture change for everybody. Now we’ve got Ansel, who’s our super user, and we live and breathe by it. It does all our RAMS for all our projects, we do all our reporting, all our site documentation, toolbox talks, daily recording of site activities. It’s made a phenomenal difference to what we do when it comes to ISO audits or record keeping, because everything’s at our fingertips. We don’t have to go scratching around in piles for bits of paper, so it’s making our life a lot easier. It’s been a great change.

Mike Andrews
DWG Infraco

This time, our team was back on the road at the UK's largest outdoor rail exhibition, hosted at Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre, Rail Live 2022, Re-flow's second-ever rail industry show. While our first show was about building industry connections, gathering feedback and finding our footing within the sector, Rail Live has been a wonderful opportunity to put our field management software for rail on full display and bring it to the frontline companies building and maintaining our nation's rail infrastructure. We had a great time out in the sunshine of beautiful Warwickshire demoing our software and establishing connections with some true heavyweights of the rail industry.

We were also excited to catch up with some of our existing clients. DWG, based in the area, came down from their headquarters in Loughborough to exhibit at the show front and centre. It was great to stop and chat with Mike Andrews once more about how they're getting on with Re-flow and the industry at large. Their Re-flow super user, Ansel Zabula, had some amazing things to say about the software – highlighting just how incredible the team at DWG Infraco have been at spreading the word about Re-flow in the industry.

Ansel Zabula Quote Image

Re-flow has a good support team. Whenever we need the support, they are there for us. There's also the capability of creating your own forms, so we can build them to our specifications. That's the key thing that's helping us through. We always recommend Re-flow because we've seen first-hand how efficient it is.

Ansel Zabula
Project Manager
DWG Infraco

We also bumped into some of our other clients, including Chevron Green Services and Thames Street Works. We've been working with them both in the landscaping and civil engineering sectors respectively, so we were thrilled to see also operating in the rail industry - making us even more positive about the value Re-flow has for companies in the sector.

Reports show that the rail industry suffers from huge inefficiencies, with nearly half the money spent on rail infrastructure being used inefficiently. Because of this, it's more vital than ever that the rail industry embrace digital transformation. Re-flow is ready to help on that journey by bringing their productivity and efficiency back on track.

We've had an amazing experience at this year's Rail Live and have already booked our spot at next year's show. Until then, you can find us by checking out our full roadmap of events.

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