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Software | 7 Feb 2024

Re-flow 1.7 – The Biggest Update Yet

Re-flow 1.7 – The Biggest Update Yet

Re-flow is an award-winning field management software provider for construction, infrastructure, and landscaping, working with hundreds of businesses of all sizes across the UK and Ireland. Continuing their rapid year-on-year growth, the team is proud to announce their biggest feature update yet – Re-flow 1.7.

The ethos behind the software’s development has always been “users first”. New additions to Re-flow are often driven by the needs of their clients, as well as trends, challenges and requirements that affect the industry as a whole.

Quality of Life Additions

The dashboard now boasts a slightly tweaked appearance, with several new features that aim to improve ease of use. The side menu can now be collapsed, providing users more space on-screen to interact with the dashboard. Additionally, custom pages can now be set as “Favourites” and added to the side menu – a small new customisability feature that allows users to further expedite navigation of the software.

For improved data security, Re-flow now supports soft-deleting and archiving of data. Users can now delete and archive jobs, events, quotes, records and more, with the ability to recover them within 90 days of deletion – preventing accidental deletes and preserving data. For further security, deletion and archiving permissions can be set per user.

AI-Powered Reporting

The system can now take full advantage of the power of AI to transform field data into graphs and charts. With the click of a button, users can generate customisable dashboards that visualise their data, enabling them to draw and share insights with more ease than ever before.

By default, Re-flow also now comes packaged with a brand-new training matrix report, which is available free of charge, enabling users to pull operatives, their qualifications and filter them in mere seconds.

Plant & Equipment Hire

Re-flow 1.7 brings a long-awaited feature to the system. With comprehensive hiring capabilities, users can now gain full oversight of loaning equipment to operatives, sub-contractors and other third parties through the dashboard.

Users have full control over their hire processes, with the ability to set rules, discounts, uplifts, early returns and more. On hire and off hire can also be planned and controlled, with the ability to track asset statuses using forms.

Additionally, hire assets can also now be tracked through the recently expanded scheduler. With new support for vehicle location tracking, users have complete oversight on hired plant and equipment through instant form data.

Expanded Bill of Quantities

Re-flow 1.7 brings a new and re-designed BoQ, which is automatically created against jobs as they’re put together. Rates are now pulled from a master list, and can be adjusted individually based on attached contract and client. Items in the BoQ can also now be assigned custom names to fit client and contract requirements.

Refactored Integrations

Though Re-flow has long actively supported connecting to third-party software packages, handling processes such as accounting and CRM, the 1.7 update has brought major refactoring to many core connectors, enabling far more throughput and customisation. Now, users can achieve more when integrating ERP systems such as NetSuite, or accounting systems such as Xero.

In addition to improving existing connectors, the update also brings several new ones. Users can now log-in to Re-flow using Okta, providing yet another avenue for increased data security. 1.7 also lays the groundwork with an initial Samsara connector, whose capabilities are planned to grow as the year progresses.

These major features are only part of Re-flow’s colossal 1.7 update, which also boasts numerous new minor features and sweeping architectural changes that aim to make the software even more adaptable, customisable, and future proof for its rapidly growing community of clients, both big and small.

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