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Reviews | 16 Apr 2024

Re-flow Field Management Review by South Coast Traffic Management

Re-flow Field Management Review by South Coast Traffic Management

Embracing Digital Transformation

South Coast Traffic Management needed a digital, real-time software package to completely eliminate the need to print paper – and, most crucially, to kill the need for operatives to come to the depot just to collect paperwork. They also needed to send reports to their clients with geotagged photographic evidence.

As the conversion to a digital field management solution approached, the company felt optimistic, yet a little concerned that their operatives would get along with the software. They were also worried that the software wouldn’t display information in an understandable, instinctive way, and that it wouldn’t be able to capture all the information required.


We have the data we need on hand and easily accessible in order to get paid by our customers, we’ve saved thousands of pounds by avoiding vehicle repairs, and we’ve reduced our office admin costs. All that real-time reporting is now a key part of our daily operations. Re-flow works just how we need it to, and we couldn’t run the same business without it.

Joe Jupp headshot
Joe Jupp
Founder & Director
South Coast Traffic Management

Immediate Benefits 

On taking up Re-flow, the benefits were immediately clear, and those apprehensions quickly seemed as significant as a couple of grains of sand in a weighted road cone. From day one, operatives were happily using the app to attach high-quality photos to the necessary forms and reports. Aging tablets and old-fashioned equipment were gone. Operatives’ phones were being used instead. Reports could be downloaded in real time, and any additional jobs were whipped out to the workers as quickly as an alert from an incursion warning system.  

The perceived drag of health and safety became a misremembered dream: the app and software’s ease of use established a new reality of instantaneous toolbox talks delivery, and immediate delivery of near miss reports and RAMS. Incorporating the entirety of South Coast TM’s field management in one application became a gift that kept on giving: customisable reporting in real time made light work of providing evidence to clients. Setting up email notifications for things like vehicle defect sheets provided the cherry on top of a level of managerial oversight that was as sweet as it was just plain healthy.  

Because those efficiencies meant very real improvements for the company. ‘100% we’ve been able to grow because of Re-flow,’ Joe Jupp (founder and director) said.

Reasons for the Overnight Success

Joe expanded on the benefits of using Re-flow:

  • Communication has improved whenever there are problems to address. Automated email notifications ensure admin and managers never miss things like operatives’ statements and vehicle defect sheets. Issues can be acted on without the need to speak to operatives all the time.
  • The need to repeat phone calls has completely disappeared – now operatives have all the information they need, along with any notes, sent directly to their phones (and vice versa). Jobs can also be updated immediately.
  • Notifications of vehicle defects now trigger emails, allowing the team to react faster than before – for example, by preventing an operative from driving a vehicle if the coolant is below minimum, potentially saving thousands of pounds for costly engine repair.
  • The easy-to-use form builder has allowed South Coast TM to streamline their processes. They’ve been able to push everything they need into a single form that adapts to different inputs.
  • Digitised paper processes have stopped clutter, eliminated printing, and prevented data loss – an audit trail is now created automatically and effortlessly. Records and logs, including separate entries for different users and an edit history, appear as a matter of course.
  • Comprehensive records and reports ensure prompt payment from clients.

A Final Word

Joe says that ‘Re-flow’s customer service is fantastic. Everyone is so helpful, and any problems and training needs are dealt with promptly.’ And what’s more, ‘At South Coast TM we’re very brand orientated, and we loved the way we can display the homepage with our own colours, logo, and photo.’

At Re-flow, our success is completely entwined with the very real, numerous benefits our software provides our customers. We’re invested in an exemplary relationship with our clients, and we’re proud to be the digital field management provider of choice for so many businesses around Europe.

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