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Events | 10 Oct 2022

Re-flow at No-Dig Live 2022

Re-flow at No-Dig Live 2022

Ashley, Daniel and Aaron from the Re-flow team recently travelled up to Peterborough to exhibit at No-Dig Live 2022 at the East of England Arena & Events Centre. 

As the UK's only event focused on trenchless technology since 1985, the show attracts a diverse host of high calibre domestic and international visitors from a multitude of sectors. This inculdes utility personnel, contractors, civil engineering consultants, research organisations and more. With a firm foothold in the civia engineering sector, the show was a perfect opportunity to showcase our award-winning field management software to interested attendees, as well as reconnecting with long-term Re-flow clients.

Re-flow has long been operating in the civils industry, providing field management software for businesses specialising in heavy structural engineering, drainage schemes, telecommunications and more. Our steadily growing client-base spans businesses of all sizes, from small local operations to heavyweights such as FM Conway, Colas and R&W.

No-Dig Live, like many of the events we attend, is all about showcasing the latest industry innovations. In this case, the exhibition focuses on trenchless technology as well as the installation and refurbishment of underground utilities. It was intriguing to see such a wide host of new technologies striving to bring increased efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability to the industry. In that respect, our field management software felt right at home.

Event Exterior 1
Event Interior 1

Re-flow's key aim is to provide a more streamlined, efficient and green system for tracking and enforcing the multitude of operational processes at work in any civil engineering enterprise. From cutting down on paper and emissions by eliminating the need for physical transport of documents through instant team communication and centralised data, to strictly enforced digital forms that guarantee safety on-site.

For companies thinking of investing in new plant, vehicles and equipment, the likes of which were on show at No-Dig Live, a field management system can form the perfect foundation for maximising their longevity and safety. Our comprehensive asset management capabilities enable time and location tracking through the use of QR codes, while safety check forms automatically update the system if a defect is detected on-site. Automated workflows can then be used to schedule recurring maintenance notifications, eliminating tedious administrative tasks.

Our clients have been utilising these features to optimise their operational processes and gain the time to effectively plan ahead. Among these are Mammoth MTS, an industry leader in trenchless excavation, and Glanville Environmental, who recently showcased the impressive gains they've made using our software. The event gave us an opportunity to reconnect in person and talk about their experience using the system. Once more, a big thank you to James Goodman, Contracts Director at Glanville Environmental and Paul Ames, Commercial Manager at Mammoth MTS.

James Goodman Interview 1

Glanville Environmental primarily serves the utilities industry, with a large civil engineering and cleansing division. The business provides a full suite of services across the drainage industry, from unblocking drains for domestic customers to large scale civil engineering projects for water authorities. With around 180 staff across all teams and a large fleet of vehicles, Glanville faces a true whirlwind of work on a daily basis, and has been using Re-flow to optimise their operational processes.


We've used Re-flow to supplement our existing processes. One thing it has allowed me to do, is when I go into tender presentations with either existing clients or new clients, I'm able to confidently say that we can use our digital system for that work. If they want us to collect bespoke data from the field, I can say, "yes we can design a form that can capture exactly that, and we can export it in the format you want".

James Goodman Quote Image
James Goodman
Contracts Director
Glanville Environmental

Mammoth MTS, the sister company of MTS Germany, specialises in supplying the UK market with suction excavators. Predominantly serving the civil engineering sector, MTS provides the full suite of services, from sales to aftercare. The business has been supporting No-Dig Live since it's inauguration, and their state of the art equipment stood out amongst the many innovators at the event. Complementing their industry leading equipment, MTS have been long term users of Re-flow, benefiting from our centralised record-keeping and real-time data capture capabilities.


It's record keeping. It's having that facility where we can let customers know when a job has been done, and it's all recorded, sent out, straight to them as soon as it's been completed.

Paul Ames Quote Image
Paul Ames
Commercial Manager
Mammoth MTS

We've had an amazing experience at this year's No-Dig Live. You can find where we're headed next by checking out our full roadmap of events.

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