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Dashboard V1.5.18 Feature Update

Dashboard V1.5.18 Feature Update

It's been a hive of activity here in the Re-flow offices over the past half-year. Our development team launched V1.5 of the Re-flow software at the end of March, bringing a raft of control upgrades for dashboard users. We've followed that up with a double punch delivery in July with the V1.5.14 dashboard update and the updates to our BoQ functionality.

These updates aren't as wide-ranging as the previous updates this year. But as always, the focus has been on improving user experience across the whole system and delivering features requested by our clients.

User Group Column

User group column

Previously if you'd wanted to sort between dashboard and app users, or any other group, you'd have needed to navigate between multiple groups from the sub-menu

Now, you can enable the new User Group column to directly view which groups each of your users has been assigned to and even sort which groups are visible with a series of filters.

Ordered Event Completion

Often you'll be happy to allow teams to have the flexibility to move between tasks as conditions permit them. But, when you need to ensure that they complete the events you've scheduled in the exact order you set them, there is now the option to do just that.

The app settings select Force Event Order to mandate that field works must complete each job in sequence before moving on to the next. Until they do, they will not be able to access the next event on their schedule.

Form Actions

V1.5.18 Form Actions

This one isn't so much a new feature but rather the consolidation of existing ones. 'Auto Status' and 'Notifications' were their own in the settings, with users needing to navigate to each of them in turn. Now all these functions exist on the 'Form Actions' option, from Settings - giving users easy access. Furthermore, our dev team have made system actions editable with a new 'Conditional Edit' function giving you greater self-service over the way your Records update from a form, or an action from the dashboard.

Priority Filter

The last update on the list is a quality of life improvement for the app users. They can filter the task list by high, medium and low priority jobs.

And that's it for this latest feature update. Head over to our features page to explore the core features of Re-flow. Follow us on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook for future announcements. 

We've got some exciting things in development, and we look forward to sharing them with you all soon. 

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