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Schedule, Capture, Track, Invoice and Report on your entire workflow with a single software solution

Jobs and tasks

1 Jobs and tasks

Create and assign tasks to users or groups and include specifications, images, maps, PDFs and routes

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Schedules and maps

2 Schedules and maps

Assign map locations in the dashboard, so your staff can see location and route markers for their jobs in the app.

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Forms & Workflows

3 Forms & Workflows

Add all kinds of digital forms to your workflows for users to complete on location and return instantly

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Asset Management

4 Asset Management

Assign assets, access real-time information, and scan inventory directly into forms

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Capture, sign off and tag

5 Capture, sign off and tag

Capture photos, digitally sign off workflows and attach time, date and location stamps

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Quotes, billing and invoicing

6 Quotes, billing and invoicing

Using information from your Bill of Quantities, quote and invoice customers immediately with Re-flow

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Returns and reports

7 Returns and reports

Re-flow reports enable Dashboard Users to collate and view the project information and form data in one place

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