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Software | 17 Aug 2023

How Scalable Software Powers Success

How Scalable Software Powers Success

Field management software aims to exceed the limitations of other tools like legacy-based systems and paper, helping businesses unleash their true potential and meet their ambitions.

It is built to support the needs of businesses of all sizes. With features designed to streamline repetitive tasks, workflows, and overhaul tedious processes. No matter the size of a company, field management software is the solution.

It facilitates the communication, organisation and logistics that enable field-based industries to effectively manage all their major operational processes. This means management teams can re-allocate time spent on logistics elsewhere, without concerns about their organisation outgrowing its system.

With a whole suite of powerful features, Re-flow was designed with the operative in mind, ensuring everything is easy to use and geared towards freeing up time. With more time, businesses can focus on the bigger picture and set long-term goals.

Re-flow streamlines repetitive tasks, allowing operatives more time to ensure procedures are being followed and enables teams to be far more reactive. The instant access to a centralised knowledge hub means workers can remain current on specifications and best practices. It allows flexibility to allocate and re-allocate equipment, labour and materials as required.

Features Jobs Track Progress
Features Form Functionality

Small Businesses

For small businesses, you may find you have more lone workers. User tracking keeps your operatives safe and you in the know. With the map view you can gain an overview of where your workers are. Locational data sent from the app through user activity, such as form completion, instantly updates information in the records. This provides a real-time view of operative locations. Filtering enables dashboard users to narrow in on specific workers, gangs or sites.

This is particularly beneficial when you need to be reactive due to unforeseen circumstances. Administrative staff have the information to be decisive and assign the closest operatives that can quickly respond to incidents on-site.

With less boots on the ground freeing up time would greatly help a growing business. With digital forms, your business can automate manual processes and remain compliant.

Customise fields with drop-down options that leave no room for misinterpretation, open answer fields and more. Enforce completion in a specific order and block form submission if incomplete. With automations you can enable actions to trigger based on how forms are completed.

Automatically schedule maintenance, change the progress of jobs as work sheets are submitted, send out e-mails and notifications, or even put entire jobs on hold when severe incidents are reported.

Instantly communicated information from all forms means faster response times to non-conformances, and increased auditability. All of these features will help efficiency and in turn help the business grow.

Features Events and Tasks List and Map Views

Medium Businesses

Medium businesses would benefit from features like job and event creation and scheduling, to cut out the middleman and ensure operatives are where they need to be, on time.

Create jobs packed with all the information your teams need. Attach PDF documents and drawings, as well as photos, videos, diagrams, and comprehensive specifications. Specify job locations and routes that let operatives easily navigate to remote sites, all of which are easily accessible through the app.

Create events against a job and assign individual users or easily create groups for your teams and crews, allowing you to instantly assign jobs to multiple operatives at once. Assign all the necessary plant, equipment, and vehicles, so that your operatives know exactly what they’re doing, and the tools they need to get the job done right.

Gain breathing room and schedule events in advance, so that you know which resources and users will be allocated far ahead of time. Events such as MOTs, equipment servicing, and maintenance can be set to recur on a regular basis defined by you, eliminating the need to re-create common jobs.

Re-flow automatically tracks the availability of your resources. Conflicts eliminate double booking of plant, equipment, and employees on events. If resources become defective, or users lack required qualifications or training, assigning them to an event will trigger a conflict notification, ensuring that everything you need for a successful project will be there when it needs to.

These features are all about eliminating manual processes and ensuring teams both in the office and on the ground are getting accurate information in a timely manner. Being in the know about all jobs, events and their progress means you know if you have capacity to take on more work and further expand your business.

Asset Management Header

Large Businesses

Large businesses that deal with lots of equipment, vehicles, plant and people, would benefit from the asset management component.

The software allows you to generate QR codes for all your plant, vehicles and equipment which can be downloaded, printed, and physically attached on-site. This enables operatives to provide real-time location data, so you can keep track of who’s using what, when, where and for how long.

Safety checks for plant and vehicles can be evidenced with annotated photographs and logged with date and time. Should equipment be defective, workflow automation can change the asset’s status within the system’s records and schedule maintenance reminders.

Digital forms can also be used to conduct safety checks for equipment and vehicles prior to works commencing. This information is instantly fed back to the office, keeping administrative staff current and aware of potential risks, should they emerge.

Dynamic risk assessments can empower operatives to take health and safety into their own hands should the need arise, working in tandem with automated workflows to halt jobs if serious risks emerge. Specific forms such as PPE checks also ensure that each individual operative is properly equipped for the conditions of their site.

Re-flow’s form builder helps you create digital forms to collect the data you need. From simple, general forms to complex ones you can take full advantage of intricate calculations, formulas, and automation functionalities to fulfil the most specific of purposes.

Knowing where your assets are and utilising digital forms to collate relevant data mean you know exactly how your businesses is running. This helps inform strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement to help further grow your business.

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Enterprise Businesses

When implementing a new system, a common question from Enterprise business teams is, how easy is the implementation?

Re-flow provides a frictionless experience starting with an assigned Project Manager. Our PM’s identify and scope out the requirements, providing a mapped journey. Collaboration alongside third parties enables your team to implement the required integrations utilising our REST API so our software neatly slots into the inner workings of your business.

Now you’re harvesting all the operational data points, you could bring that information into Microsoft Power BI to create dashboards and reports that provide real-time insights, or opt to use our own reporting feature that empowers you to configure the data you require, and aggregate it into custom reports which can be exported or shared. Our reports also take advantage of the latest AI technologies keeping you informed and ready to action and make data related decisions.

All businesses

Re-flow allows a constant stream of real-time data to and from sites. This provides management teams of any size a granular overview of job progress. Form data can be collated through the desktop dashboard and exported into a customisable report which can be communicated to clients and key stakeholders.

Complete transparency facilitates better communication and speeds up job turnaround. While instant data transfer and centralised record keeping allows safety teams to build robust audit trials that greatly aid in prevention and risk management.

All in all, Re-flow’s features can be utilised by small, medium, large and enterprise businesses. Our software is adaptable, reliable and most importantly scalable. We don’t just scale up, so matter the size of your company we can provide a solution. Re-flow was designed to grow with businesses and change to meet their needs. Continuously updating and streamlining our own software – when you grow, we grow.

Learn how Re-flow can grow with your business.

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