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Reviews | 24 Feb 2022

Re-flow Field Management Review by MW Benney

Re-flow Field Management Review by MW Benney
  • MW Benney is a Torquay-based construction firm, mainly serving the Torbay, Newton Abbot, South Hams and Teignbridge areas, also regularly branching out to cover towns and cities across the entire Southwest peninsula.
  • Since its establishment in 1910, MW Benney has embedded itself as a pillar of the local community, whose stellar reputation still thrives over a century later.
  • Their skilled in-house workforce and deep connections across the industry have rendered their service unrivalled in quality and distinguished them as experts in the field.


This was at the core of the challenges facing MW Benney – wasted time, wasted data, wasted efficiency.

Operatives arriving in the morning were left waiting for individual job packs and paper was piling up. The right data wasn’t being collected, and the data that was, wasn’t going to the right places. MW Benney’s workflow was suffering from roadblock after roadblock, shackled by the slog that comes with antiquated paper systems. Their team simply couldn’t focus their entire attention on doing the work that matters. The work that lets their business thrive.


MW Benney knew that the answer to their problems lay in a digital solution. That solution was Re-flow.

Re-flow’s powerful, intuitive dashboard means that writing job sheets and cobbling together job packs becomes a relic of the past. Users can easily create jobs, assign operatives, equipment, locations, plans and much more without the need for a single sheet of paper. As soon as a job is scheduled, your entire team can see the details – no more wasted time waiting around for instructions.

Admin staff can get an instant overview of all ongoing jobs, their details and progress. Operatives using the app on-site provide the information they need, when they need it - photos, GPS location, PDFs - you name it. All this gets fed back to the office instantly, allowing dashboard users to stay current, informed and in control.

Strict compliance on all forms means the data being harvested will be up to scratch every single time. Not just any data – exactly the data they need, exactly how they need it. Returns and reporting with Re-flow become a breeze, providing powerful insights that paper just can’t. The ability to export and share the data they want means their team knows what’s ahead - the opportunities to grasp, and the challenges to tackle.


Once MW Benney joined Re-flow, their business began to transform. Free from the paper slog, our software started to save them precious time daily, bringing a 90% increase in time saved across the entire business. Re-flow’s powerful reporting, data capture and forms meant operatives were harvesting high quality data at all times. Instant communication between field and office reduced the paperwork being sent between the two by 40%, and now that contact was easier than ever, communication between teams went up by an impressive 50%.

Paperwork Reduction (Blue)
Reduction in paperwork
Time Increase (Green)
Increase in time saved
Communicate Instantly (Blue)
Increase in cross-team communication
HSE (Green)
Improved health & safety reporting
Auditability Increase (Blue)
Increase in auditability

Improvements in data and reporting haven’t just been beneficial for the health of the company, but for the safety of its team in the field, too. Strict compliance and instant communication have brought a 20% increase in auditability, meaning the business can stay on top of potential risks as they arise, with health and safety incident reporting increasing by 50%.

Re-flow has also provided MW Benney with the security to grow flexibly – operatives no longer need to travel in order to collect job packs, greatly reducing fuel expenses and providing a more sustainable pathway to growth as the business expands and site locations become more widespread. More importantly, however, all staff in their respective roles have had the time to fully dedicate their attention to doing the work that matters, enabling the business to grow and thrive in a way they never could with a paper system.


We feel that staff morale has improved and believed Re-flow has contributed to this. Keeping up with the times and investing in software that saves them time, while using a device that they already have are important.

Alex Bickham Quote Image
Alex Bickham

MW Benney now joins a community of flourishing businesses that have undertaken their digital transformation and come out better than ever, collectively bringing the industry into the future. Improving efficiencies, reducing waste, helping the environment, protecting the safety of their workers and much more – these are the strengths businesses find with Re-flow.

Take back the time to focus on the work that matters. Demo and qualify for a free trial or call 01392574002


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