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Reviews | 24 Aug 2023

Re-flow Field Management Review by MAC Projects International

Re-flow Field Management Review by MAC Projects International
  • MAC Projects International are providers of temporary traffic management services across the UK, as well as specialising in global recruitment and project manpower across the energy sector.
  • The company also provides additional services in the civil engineering and construction sectors, as well as major events.
  • A family-owned business established in 2012, the company has since expanded into over 100 countries, establishing themselves as a leader in their market.


Like many businesses operating in traffic management, civil engineering and construction, MAC Projects initially conducted all operations using paper systems. Going from a freshly established company to four offices overseeing operations in over 100 countries in just over a decade, the business was seeing tremendous growth that manual systems simply could not keep up with.

Tedious administrative tasks and manual communication meant that data was lagging behind on-site operations and job progress was slow. Add to this the large amount of human error paper systems are susceptible to, and the company was losing masses of time – something that was unsustainable with the current rate of business growth.

These challenges weren’t just limited to the back office – works on site were also being held back by paper processes. With no way to enforce process on paper forms, some would return with errors, which were difficult to amend after the fact. Without centralised oversight, there was a limited amount of operative accountability, making it difficult to trace back mistakes and rectify issues.


Re-flow has been operating in the highways and traffic management sectors since its inception, being originally built with the industry in mind. Since then, the solution has grown to be one of the industry’s leading field management software providers, possessing an unparalleled understanding of the sector’s processes and requirements.

From job creation to closeout, Re-flow unites all major operational processes into one, cloud-based digital solution. Paper job packs are traded for digital ones, which can be easily created and fleshed out with drawings, PDFs, forms and more. Users can even create presets for common jobs, further streamlining the process.

This trend follows through to every process the back office would need to effectively manage field operations. This includes scheduling, asset management, tracking qualifications and even invoicing. Forming the foundation of these processes is Re-flow’s real-time data exchange.

Connecting the office dashboard with an on-site mobile app used by operatives, lag times in data are completely eliminated. This can range from something as simple as messages being exchanged for quick job updates, to the harvesting of bespoke data through customisable digital forms.

Re-flow’s form functionality goes far beyond its paper counterpart. With the aim of harvesting quality, accurate data, the system provides a variety of tools to make the process as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. From drop-down field and checkboxes to enforced step-by-step completion processes, dashboard users can gain complete confidence in the data they’re receiving, and operatives in the safety of their processes.

These are only several among a suite of powerful features. Automation, live user tracking and customisable reports provide users even more avenues for streamlining as they progress through their digital transformation journey. At its core, Re-flow is a system designed to not only optimise and improve field processes, but ensure long-term sustainable growth.


Having adopted Re-flow as their dedicated field management solution, MAC Projects International were able to streamline and optimise their operational processes, enabling them to reap the benefits and grow more sustainably.

All data and administrative processes can be accessed and carried out through Re-flow’s desktop dashboard. From here, full audit trails on all processes can be viewed and shared with clients and stakeholders.

Trading paper-based processes for a centralised field management solution meant the business could eliminate tedious tasks that were previously costing them precious time. Instant data and team communication has enabled a far better link between back-office teams and the operatives out on the road, fostering teamwork and collaboration company-wide.

Contributing to this has been the easy access to data. The user-friendly interface and accessibility of the system enables admin staff to quickly create comprehensive job packs equipped with all information including clients, site contacts, briefings, locations, drawings and more.

When completing forms, operatives can attach photographs directly through the app. With support for geofencing, even image locations can have strict compliance enforced on them to ensure airtight health and safety processes.

Operatives in the field no longer need to chase up admin teams for key information, having easy access to everything they need through the app’s knowledge base. This also includes all necessary forms such as RAMS, drawings and documents. Data accessibility and forms also enable briefings to be conducted directly on-site, meaning works can progress at a much faster pace.


It's helped us grow with the amount of time saved and how efficient the system is, allowing us to take extra bookings on and increase our workload. Amazing, efficient - it's a really good system to work with, and very user friendly.

Jay Fuller
Jay Fuller
Contracts Manager
MAC Projects International

MAC Projects International now joins a community of hundreds of businesses nationwide who have embraced digital transformation and ensured sustainable growth for years to come. All of this, and more, can be achieved with Re-flow’s award-winning field management software for traffic management.

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