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Starting as one man with a wheelbarrow, Tony Benger Landscaping has experienced rapid year-on-year growth since. The speed of expansion was so rapid that the business identified they’d find themselves completely overburdened with paperwork within just a few years. As such, the team begun to look for an alternative system that would enable them to grow more sustainably.

With teams spread across four counties, as well as a satellite yard in Cornwall, facilitating communication was a core improvement the business was looking to make. This included expediting HSE processes such as sending and receiving safety forms, enforcing strict compliance and building more robust audit trails.

Streamlining tedious administrative processes and enabling office teams to do more with their time was also of great importance. Staff would find themselves writing, receiving and checking tens of paper job sheets every day, a number that would only continue to grow with the business.

The necessity for change was clear, but Tony Benger Landscaping wanted to take their time and find the right software. It was crucial to avoid a package that would provide minimal support and development – a system that would only provide a short-term solution, rather than one that would grow with them.


Re-flow, equipped with a full set of powerful features, was able to meet Tony Benger Landscaping’s specifications and more.

Instant communication is the very foundation of the system. All information – jobs, forms, photos, messages and more can be sent between sites and the office in real-time, keeping all teams current and in the know.

When it comes to HSE management, the ability to assign forms to operatives and receive them instantly upon submission greatly expedites nonconformance rectification and enables management teams to be more reactive. Re-flow’s forms can also enforce specific completion processes, require photographic evidencing and leave no room for misunderstanding with simple drop-down fields. Once submitted, all forms are tagged with a time, date and location stamp as well as a unique digital signature that tracks which operative has submitted it and which job they’re a part of.

Processes can be further expedited using automated workflows that trigger actions based on submitted form information. For example, defects recorded during a vehicle check can automatically update the asset’s status within records, notify all relevant parties by e-mail or message, as well as scheduling a maintenance reminder.

Underlining all of Re-flow’s powerful features is also the system’s innate flexibility that ensures a business’s needs won’t outgrow the system. Elements of the software can be customised to fit a business’s branding and terminology, while specific data and KPIs can be harvested through customisable forms and reports. Using an intuitive block-based system, the form builder enables users to build forms of all complexities to regulatory standards. Users can select from Re-flow’s catalogue of over 40 out-the-box forms to customize, or build their own completely from scratch.

Beyond the software, Re-flow prides itself on its highly acclaimed team of software specialists. From onboarding through to everyday use, our support team is here to assist our clients through every stop of their journey, for all queries - big and small. With constant ongoing development, our software intends to constantly provide businesses with more powerful tools and benefits in the years to come.


Tony Benger Landscaping found that Re-flow met their exact specifications and had the potential to bring great benefits to their business. As one of Re-flow’s longest-standing landscaping clients, the business has been taking advantage of the software’s powerful features for several years now. Since adopting the software, the company has grown exponentially, doubling their force of 60 operatives to 120; sustainable growth enabled in part by Re-flow.

One of the key benefits that has enabled this growth is Re-flow’s instant communication. Now, the company no longer needs to worry about manually managing multiple teams spread across such a wide geographical area. Office teams can become more reactive, with the ability to send work details or updates in real-time and easily meet tight deadlines. Naturally, the software has eliminated the need for paperwork as well as writing, transcribing and checking job sheets. This has given back time to administrative teams, allowing them to divert their energy to finding new opportunities for the business to further expand.

Expedited and digitsed processes also means the businesses clients benefit. With quoting, billing and invoicing functionality, bills of quantities are automatically created against jobs, enabling fast quoting and invoicing. Reports, robust audit trails and photographic evidencing can be automatically exported and shared with colleagues, stakeholders and clients, keeping all relevant parties up-to-date and satisfied.

This has enabled the firm to tender bigger and better contracts that request for companies to possess a digital system that facilitates features such as remote reporting and bespoke data capture, giving the business more avenues for growth.


With 50+ landscapers running around 4 counties, a satellite yard in Cornwall, we’ve got a lot of people to worry about and we really needed to improve communication. Re-flow has just done so much more than that. Everything we do is just - ‘put it on Re-flow!’ - risk assessments, method statements, accident and near miss forms, vehicle checks, toolbox talks, drawings, playground inspections, everything you can think of – it just fits perfectly. We’ve been doing it for a year and a half, and we still feel that really, we’re just scratching the surface of what it can offer us.

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Oli Hemson
Commercial Manager
Tony Benger Landscaping

Tony Benger Landscaping now joins a community of over 200 business nationwide who have embraced the digital age and transformed their operational processes, ensuring sustainable growth for years to come. Streamlining tedious administrative processes, mastering HSE management and increasing job turnaround. All this, and more, can be achieved with Re-flow’s field management software for landscaping.

Streamline inefficiencies and grow sustainably

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About Tony Benger Landscaping

  • Tony Benger Landscaping is a domestic and commercial landscaping company offering a wide variety of services including garden design, fencing, playground installation and large scheme infrastructure works.
  • Established in 1985, the business has been delivering landscaping services of outstanding quality across Torquay, Sidmouth, Exeter and the Cornwall and Dorset counties.
  • With over 120 staff and 650 projects successfully completed a year, Tony Benger Landscaping has firmly established itself as an industry leader in the region.