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    Golden Tree Surgeons was looking to embrace the digital age and adopt a solution to streamline their operational processes and better manage important aspects of their day-to-day operations. At the core of this was the desire to find a more organized and accessible method for record-keeping. As the business grew, issues with paper stacking up were mounting, making it difficult to build robust audit trails. Clearly evidencing that the business was operating to industry standards became an increasingly arduous task, weighed down by tedious administrative processes.


    With Re-flow, all data and information related to operational processes is stored within centralised, digital records. Operating on a cloud-based system, this means that data is stored securely and reliably while being accessible to dashboard users on any desktop device. In addition to the ease of access, this data can then interact with all of the system’s powerful features.

    When creating jobs, PDF information can be selected and attached, including site drawings, plans, RAMS and more. Events and tasks can then be scheduled against created jobs and fleshed out using data from Re-flow’s records. To streamline scheduling common events, such as site visits, users can set them to recur on a regular, customisable basis. Once the task is scheduled, individual operatives or entire groups can be assigned, along with plant, equipment, vehicles and all necessary work forms. Rather than having to keep track of availability, fatigue or qualifications manually, the system automatically tracks and notifies dashboard users of conflicts when assigning operatives or assets.

    A natural side effect of adopting a digital system is the complete elimination of paperwork between remote sites and the office. Re-flow’s form functionality provides all the capabilities operatives would come to expect and more. Out the box, the system comes equipped with a catalogue of over 40 commonly used forms, including vehicle safety check, job sheet, dynamic risk assessment and more. These can be used as they are, or customised using the system’s intuitive, block-based form builder. Users can even create their own forms from the ground up to specifically fit their operational processes, producing forms of all complexities to regulatory standards.

    Once they’re being used on-site, drop-down fields and process enforcement ensures there’s no room for confusion. Upon submission, all forms are tagged with a unique digital signature that tracks time, date and location. Instantly fed back to the office, Re-flow enables robust, detailed audit trails to be built as a job progresses. This information can then be used to expedite rectification of nonconformances or generate exportable, PDF reports for colleagues, clients and key stakeholders.


    Having discovered Re-flow, Golden Tree Surgeons underwent their onboarding process with our talented team of software specialists and skipped their free trial to begin work on the full system straight away. Being fully white label, the software arrived customised with the company’s branding and terminology, as well as a catalogue of their custom-built forms. This meant that transitioning to the system was a far more seamless experience, allowing operatives to continue familiar working processes digitally. All that was left was to start working with the system and experiencing the benefits first hand.

    On-site, operatives are benefiting from instant access to all site-relevant information through the Re-flow app. Job details can be reviewed using the knowledge base, while all the forms they’re familiar with are at their fingertips – nesting bird surveys, RAMS, LOLER checks and more. With the system’s offline working functionality, teams can conduct works even in the most remote areas without a stable internet access, synchronising all information once connection is regained and instantly feeding it back to the office.


    On completion of a job, it negates the need for ringing the office and waiting 5 – 10 minutes for them to find something for you to do. It’s all there, and you can effortlessly move onto another one. I would definitely recommend Re-flow – it is a really good system, and as a central point, everybody knows what they’re doing.

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    Golden Tree Surgeons

    Common process, such as asset management have now been streamlined thanks to automated workflows. Should plant, equipment or vehicles malfunction on-site, operatives can simply submit a defect note form that’s instantly communicated to the office. This then triggers updates to the asset’s status within records, marking it as defective and notifying the relevant staff, who can schedule maintenance or order a replacement. Through expediting tedious, administrative processes from job creation through to invoicing, the business has been able to greatly reduce downtime and completely eliminate paperwork.

    Golden Tree Surgeons now joins a community of over 200 business nationwide who have embraced the digital age and transformed their operational processes, ensuring sustainable growth for years to come. Streamlining tedious administrative processes, mastering HSE management and increasing job turnaround. All this, and more, can be achieved with Re-flow’s field management software for landscaping.

    Embrace digital transformation and reduce downtime

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    About Golden Tree Surgeons

    • Golden Tree Surgeons is a leading landscaping contractor providing services across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire for both commercial and domestic clients.
    • The company fosters a team of skilled professionals, specialising in a wide range of services including arboricultural surveys, tree health and safety surveys, landscape maintenance and more.
    • Carrying out works with efficiency and professionalism, Golden Tree Surgeons has built a stellar reputation within their industry.

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