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Reviews | 7 Apr 2022

Re-flow Field Management Review by Norcon Construction

Re-flow Field Management Review by Norcon Construction
  • Norcon Construction is a Yorkshire-based construction and civil engineering company, dedicated to providing innovative infrastructure, groundworks and related building services.
  • Starting as a small team in the East Riding, the business has seen rapid growth since its establishment, with operations spanning across the North-East, West Midlands and the South-East.
  • Boasting 50 years of combined experience in the industry, the family-run business has fostered a reputation for providing superb services in domestic and commercial construction services.


Operating multiple remote sites across such a wide geographical area, communicating crucial data back to the office was becoming a significant issue. Compliance with plant, equipment and machinery inspections began to suffer, form completion became unreliable and delayed, while nonconformity rectification times grew further.  

The company’s rapid growth and success had brought its own challenges with it. As the team grew, admin staff struggled to stay up to date with training records and qualifications. They needed a centralised solution to easily manage employee training records, skills, and toolbox talks, while being able to keep track of when new training was due.

While Norcon Construction knew they needed a digital solution to resolve their information struggles, the software packages they had come across proved to be overly complex and rigid. Generic forms and features that wouldn’t allow them to capture the information they needed and adapt the system to their way of work would only work in the short-term. They needed a solution that was quick to learn, user friendly and flexible - ensuring their continued growth would not be constrained as time went on.


By trading endless paper trails and fragmented, legacy systems for Re-flow’s comprehensive, digital solution, information struggles and roadblocks in working processes are instantly resolved.  Jobs, scheduling and instant communication means job specifications are sent directly to operatives in the field. All the information needed for jobs to run successfully, efficiently and safely can be easily accessed through the app, online and offline. When form data is instantly fed back to the office, managers can stay current and track progress of works through to completion, ensure strict compliance, and harvest powerful, live data that enables robust audit trails, customisable reports and more.

Dashboard users can view qualifications and training through a single database. When assigning teams to a job, conflicts arise when qualifications are missing, ensuring the right people are on site, and works are commencing smoothly and safely. If operatives require job-specific training, toolbox talks can easily be scheduled and tracked with digital signatures that show you who took part, when, and where.

Digitally transforming your working processes means transforming the way your workforce operates, too. Rather than putting up more roadblocks, Re-flow aims to make this transition as seamless as possible. Forms can be custom built to resemble existing paper forms, and the software can be fully customised to match your branding, language and working processes.


Using Re-flow, Norcon Construction has digitally transformed processes across their entire business. Managers, supervisors, and admin staff now spend far less time chasing phone calls, endless paper trails and poorly completed forms. With instant access to information between the app and dashboard, cross-team communication has increased by 70%. Now that everything can be reviewed through the dashboard, job forms, vehicle checks, and reports are available the moment operatives submit them through the app, reducing paperwork by a staggering 80%.

Communicate Instantly (Blue)
Increase in cross-team communication
Paperwork Reduction (Green)
Reduction in paperwork
HSE (Blue)
Increase in HSE reporting
Auditability Increase (Green)
Increase in auditability

Admin staff no longer waste time searching for inspection reports, old safety forms and related paperwork. All data and records are now centralised and accessible through the dashboard, enabling robust audit trails that offer detailed, granular information on on-site activities, increasing auditability by 70%.

With increased auditability and compliance, come improved rectifications times and health and safety standards. HSE reporting has seen a 40% increase across the business, enabling admin staff to stay current and ready to act in the case of hazards, near-misses, plant malfunctions and more. If incidents are caused by defective equipment, automation enables instant updating of statuses in your records, and scheduling for maintenance.

Retrospective form completion has now become a relic of the past. Strict compliance enforcement and digital signatures automatically stamp forms with time, date and location on submission. Gain peace of minds that forms are being completed as works take place, and that no corners are being cut.


The Re-flow team have been quick at dealing with any issues I have and they’re happy to take the time to explain how I might better use the system. Overall, it's a brilliant tool to help ensure compliance across the business and make sharing information easy. The dashboard is very simple to use, so I don't have any issues with searching or pulling data.

Richard Barker Quote Image
Richard Barker
Health & Safety Manager
Norcon Construction

Norcon Construction has now joined a growing community of businesses that have embraced digital transformation, and are now seeing incredible improvements in communications, auditing, compliance, and HSE reporting. All this, and more, can be achieved with Re-flow.

Regain confidence in compliance. Demo and qualify for a free trial or call 01392574002.


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