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Reviews | 10 Aug 2023

Re-flow Field Management Review by BV Communications

Re-flow Field Management Review by BV Communications
  • BV Communications is a full turnkey supplier specialising in the design, build and implementation of fibre optic & copper networks across the UK.
  • With a painstaking attention to detail, the company’s work has earned them a reputation for providing high quality services that keep their customers confident and satisfied.


BV Communications was facing an issue that many in the telecoms industry face – an overreliance on legacy spreadsheet software, siloed communication methods and a lack of integration between their various systems. Lack of centralised oversight meant important evidence, such as photos being sent through WhatsApp, could be easily lost, impacting the company’s profitability and costing clients precious time in tracking job progress.

In some cases, admin workers found themselves working through a dozen disparate Excel spreadsheets in a day. Without a systemised way of looking at information and tracking changes, issues could arise from parties accessing and editing information, limiting the accuracy of data and the amount of oversight the business possessed.


The team at Re-flow have worked with numerous businesses within the telecommunications sector, granting an intimate understanding of their unique requirements.

With Re-flow, siloed systems and disjointed communication methods are rendered obsolete. All functionalities to do with harvesting and collating key data from on-site operations is stored and communicated through the system. Real-time data is harvested through customisable digital forms, with a pre-built catalogue of common work forms such as dynamic risk assessments, vehicle checks and more accessible from the get-go.

This data can then be collated into exportable PDF reports or used to set up automated workflows. These can trigger updates statuses such as job progress in the scheduler or vehicle defects in the asset management view. Furthermore, automations can also be used for client communication, triggering push notifications, e-mails or even SMS messages to keep customers current on job progress in real time. These can be sent out fully equipped with forms, site photos and more.

From job creation to form completion – Re-flow keeps a log of all data going through the system. This provides a systemised way of managing information, with complete oversight over what work has been completed, by who, when and where. This enables businesses to effortlessly build robust audit trails that keep compliance and processes airtight.


Having chosen Re-flow as their dedicated field management software supplier, BV Communications quickly resolved their challenges by uniting all major field management processes within the system.

The team can now instantly collect and share information from the field, then feed it back to clients, providing valuable savings in time for admin staff and the back office. On a day-to-day basis, the team send at least 15 – 20 forms through to several clients, containing 20 – 30 photos from sites, as well as geo-tagged locations. This transparency enables the team to foster an unrivalled level of customer confidence.

Re-flow’s forms support in-app photography and image annotation. Upon submission, images are recorded in the system and can be sent on to clients and key stakeholders.

With improved oversight and data visibility, teamwork has also improved tremendously. With a cloud-based, systemised way of tracking information, team members are able to more easily communicate and understand each other’s roles and responsibilities within the business, and how best to carry those out using Re-flow’s powerful set of features. All data sent to clients is also fed back into the business, enabling airtight audit trails of all works.


I'd definitely recommend Re-flow to other companies; I've already shared it with friends in the industry. I'd recommend it for the easy use of the app, the powerful set of dashboard functions and the real-time data and reporting off the back of the system.

Ian Weeder
Ian Weeder
Managing Director
BV Communications

In terms of on-site usage, Re-flow has immensely streamlined creation and communication of job packs. Operatives can use the mobile app to access the system’s knowledge base and view assigned tasks, with enforced step-by-step task completion making works quick and easy to follow. Once works are completed, operatives can simply request more work, instantly receive a new job pack and keep projects moving forward.

Job packs assigned through Re-flow can be equipped with digital forms. These enable teams to easily enforce compliance and build audit trails, as each form is tagged with a digital signature, time, date and location.

To further bolster their digital transformation, the team at BV communications know that support is always on hand to help. Having organised on-site visits with Re-flow’s software specialists, collaboration has enabled them to get even more out of the system with custom form builds, workflows and processes that are tailored specifically to their business needs.

BV Communications now joins a community of hundreds of businesses nationwide who have embraced digital transformation and ensured sustainable growth for years to come. All of this, and more, can be achieved with Re-flow’s award-winning field management software for utilities.

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