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Reviews | 14 Sep 2023

Re-flow Field Management Review by R&C Williams

Re-flow Field Management Review by R&C Williams
  • R&C Williams are a leading public & civil engineering company based in Birmingham, serving the Midlands.
  • The company specialises in a variety of services, including highways maintenance, drainage works, structural maintenance, bridges & structures and more.
  • Founded in 1957, the company has developed a stellar reputation as a regional leader, having undertaken various schemes of all sizes, spanning over six decades in operation.
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Increase in HSE reporting
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Reduction in paperwork
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Increase in auditability
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Increase in available time

The team at R&C Williams wanted to take the next step in their growth journey. Namely, the company needed to modernise their field processes if they were to ensure sustainable future growth.

Crucial processes such as preparing site folders, communicating information and meeting compliance obligations were all carried out manually. This was costing the business an increasing amount of time and money.

In order to reduce these overheads and streamline processes, the team knew it was time to digitise and adopt an all-in-one field management system. Having explored multiple offerings, R&C Williams wanted a system that would enable them to centralise their processes, while remaining flexible enough to adapt to their unique needs.


Re-flow is an all-in-one field management solution that unites all major field processes into a single, cloud-based solution. Boasting a powerful set of tools, Re-flow is also highly adaptable, offering several out-of-the-box integrations, a REST API, as well as form, report and workflow building. Simply put, Re-flow is a solution limited only by a business’s ambition.

From job creation to closeout, Re-flow provides tools to facilitate every step of a project’s journey. Rather than writing, printing and collating physical folders, the system enables detailed job creation in a flash. Jobs can be created from scratch or from user-defined templates, which can then be fleshed out with a multitude of PDF attachments – drawings, site plans, manuals, images and more.

R&C Williams employee using Re-flow dashboard in an office setting

Back-office staff using Re-flow have complete oversight and control over numerous field process at their fingertips through the intuitive desktop dashboard.

Eliminating the logistics around manually distributing these job packs, dashboard users can simply schedule events and tasks against a job, assign individual operatives or entire groups and get to work. Job information becomes instantly accessible through an operative’s app as soon as it’s assigned.

Also accessible through the app is digital form completion, enabling Re-flow users to effortlessly meet compliance obligations. Dashboard users can select from a library of over 40 pre-built forms or build their own, all to regulatory standards. Once shared with operatives, the intuitive forms can be easily completed on-site and fed back to the office with time, date and location tagging.

Under constant development, Re-flow is a solution that grows alongside its users. With frequent updates based on customer feedback, the team prides itself on their collaborative ethos. From demo, onboarding and through to day-to-day support, the Re-flow team is on-hand to ensure their client’s success.


Adopting Re-flow, R&C Williams completely transformed their field processes, resulting in a slew of benefits. This included administration time reduction, enhanced communication, real-time reporting, carbon footprint reduction, sustainability targets being achieved and much more.

Utilising Re-flow as part of a larger ERP, the system runs hand-in-hand with other cloud-based solutions. The ability to integrate previously siloed processes has enabled live tracking of wider progress, as well as minimising time spent chasing information.

Headquartered in the heart of Birmingham’s “Spaghetti Junction”, R&C Williams is a leading provider of public and civil engineering services throughout the Midlands.

For example, contracts managers save several hours a week which would previously be spent preparing site folders, printing amending documents and compiling written information. Now, operatives no longer need to come into the yard to sign paperwork, enabling opportunities for streamlined and remote working.

Health and safety procedures have greatly benefited as well. Real-time reporting of on-site incidents provides health and safety managers provides greater oversight, alongside the ability to immediately review and rectify potential hazards.

In addition to the powerful suite of features the team now takes advantage of, they also have access to a highly acclaimed in-house support team. Working closely with R&C Williams throughout the entirety of the adoption process, Re-flow’s software specialists went above and beyond to ensure the system met their needs. With more updates and features on the way, the software’s capabilities will only continue to advance.


We would highly recommend Re-flow. The process of setting up is simple and the customer service is excellent. The approach of the team to continuously improve their product and listen to their customers is a key driver as to why our working relationship has been successful. The opportunity to create a bespoke platform for our specific business needs has proved invaluable from a cost/benefit perspective and has enabled much greater efficiencies as we work towards achieving our sustainability and environmental goals.

Alex Colesby
Alex Colesby
Compliance Manager
R&C Williams

Ultimately, Re-flow has enabled growth by providing R&C Williams’ team the capacity and time to be able to focus on other key areas and minimise time consumed by tedious administrative tasks. Having implemented the software, the business has been able to maximise efficiency and allocate time where it matters most – ensuring the health and safety of their employees, as well as delivering excellent service to their clients.

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